Who I help

Professional practices. Limited companies. Companies with a turnover of between £500k and £50m.

How I help

Accounts preparation. Audit services. Corporation tax. Group consolidation.


Law firms and the legal sector.

“I provide advice clients can rely on, & peace of mind.”

As a Senior Manager in our Audit team, Neil Banks looks after a portfolio comprised of a variety of clients. Neil supports his clients by preparing accounts, doing some audit work, group consolidation, and corporation tax. He sometimes also helps with forecasting and supporting mergers and acquisitions.  

Whilst he has clients of various sectors and sizes, Neil specialises in law firms and professional practices, providing a variety of services.


“For me, the key components of an ideal relationship with a client are good and open communication, where clients know they can ask any questions they want and come to me with any issue, and know that I’ll always find an answer, or refer to someone who knows the answer. I think mutual trust and honesty are really important too, and open communication helps promote these.”

I think clients expect an open, honest relationship as well, along with excellent technical knowledge, advice they can rely on, and just generally peace of mind.”


“One of the issues with audit can be perceptions that people have, and people perhaps not seeing how it can be beneficial for them and their business. It can be an incredibly useful value-adding exercise for them, but sometimes it still has a reputation of just being a case of ticking the box.”


“It might sound a bit corny, but I genuinely love being able to help my clients achieve their goals and getting to see them grow and evolve, expanding their ventures. Being with companies and organisations over years, you get to see this quite often. It’s really rewarding to know that I was a part of supporting them in doing that, even in a small way.”


“The most satisfying part of working with my colleagues is helping to train team members, and seeing them develop professionally and as people. It feels good to nurture colleagues’ confidence and abilities. I also really appreciate being able to run ideas passed other people and talk things through with people whose thoughts and opinions I really value. There’s also a great social side to our team at Sagars too! We always make sure we’re having fun as well as working hard.”


“I think I prefer the more ‘hands-on’ side of communicating with clients. For me, there’s nothing better than going on site and meeting people in person, and I think we’re getting back to that a bit more now. But the virtual side of things can be great for short, quick meetings and catch-ups.”


“I genuinely love helping my clients as much as possible, and being part of AAB means we’re able to do even more to help our clients. We can now offer a wider range of services, particularly VAT and corporate finance, and can draw upon more people’s specialisms.”


“One of our Group Values is that we have an ethos of positivity, enthusiasm, and fun, and I try to incorporate this into my approach to work and the team. I think a strong sense of community and positivity is really important, and at the end of the day, I think it benefits both the team and clients, as having a higher morale means people are better able to produce high-quality work. Lower levels of stress mean a lower chance of making mistakes. So, I try to have fun and help make sure that the team is happy.”

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