Audit & Accounting Services Manager



Owner Managed Businesses. Small, Medium and Large Companies. International Groups. Charities and Not for Profit Organisations. 


External Audit, Accounting Services, Preparation of Group & Company Financial Statements, Grant Claims. 


Charities & Not for Profit. Oilfield Services. Waste Management.

Morag MacIver is a Manager in our Audit department. Based in Aberdeen, her role mainly involves overseeing the audit process. This includes dealing directly with clients, keeping oversight of the work as it is happening and then reviewing audits and confirming with the client. Morag is also one of our first aiders and mental health first aiders.  


“The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is getting to know both their business and them personally and seeing their business grow. It is especially great to see clients achieving their goals including those who had struggled during the pandemic. Another aspect I appreciate about my role is being able to make new friends and work as a team to achieve our individual goals.  

I prefer being on site and interacting with clients face to face as it fosters strong relationships more than working remotely. Although, our hybrid policy works well as it allows us and the client time to regroup, gather information and summarise our work.”    


“Clients expect high quality service, support & assistance and our accessible approach means that if they need help outwith audit such as tax for example, we can put them in touch with the right people.  

The greatest compliment I’ve ever received is ‘Thank you’, in a variety of contexts. Once for identifying significant matters that a client’s previous auditor had not addressed. Another for my services to the community after pulling an all-night shift with the coastguard search & rescue and still responding to client’s queries the next day.”   


“In audit we do face some challenges, but everyone we work with appreciates it is a requirement and therefore are really supportive of the work that we do. Another challenge we deal with is offering a lower rate to non-profit organisations whilst still completing the audit to a high quality meaning we must work as efficiently as possible with a specialised charity team.” 

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