Who I help

Owner managed businesses. Sole traders. Partnerships.

How I help

Corporate and personal tax compliance. Identifying tax planning opportunities.

“I love building strong, lasting relationships with my clients.”

Based in our Glasgow office, Lynn Dyer is a Senior Tax Manager. Lynn specialises in helping owner managed businesses to ensure their tax is structured in the most efficient way.

As her role is varied its rare that two days are ever the same. One day she might find herself getting sign off for personal tax returns, while the next she might be attending client meetings to discuss tax affairs. Lynn also provides support to junior members of the team helping them with their development. She enjoys being able to share her knowledge and experience.

Never overpromise & underdeliver

“I love building strong, lasting relationships with my clients. The most important thing for me is to really get to know them as people, to get to know their business and see where we can add value. I can’t help them in the best way possible if I don’t know what they need or what they’re hoping to achieve. Clients want to know that you care. That they can come to you with their problems, and it makes me happy to be that person for them.

I strive to always be responsive, friendly and honest. I genuinely care about my clients and want their businesses to be successful. For me, it’s not just a tick box exercise for me. I want to provide a high standard of service. I want to give clients the service that they deserve. It doesn’t benefit, anyone for me to overpromise and underdeliver.”

Develop and grow

“Being involved in the development of junior members of the team is so satisfying. I get to help them grow their confidence, knowledge and watch them progress in their role. “

Achieve the best outcome

“The experience and knowledge that I have has given me the confidence to become more assertive in my role. I’m not afraid to speak my own mind and put forward ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. I would never say anything that I don’t think is valuable. When I suggest a route forward it’s because I think that’s the best way forward. I’m switched on enough to know my own limitations through and I welcome other people constructively criticising me. It’s all about working alongside each other to collectively achieve the best outcome”.

Helping hand from technology

“I believe that being able to provide our clients with a mix of virtual and hands on enhances our ability to help our clients. People that own businesses are busy. Having in person meetings doesn’t always work in their best interest. For a lot of them being able to have virtual meetings saves travel time and for a lot of my clients time is money. For those clients that prefer an in person personal approach I’m also able to offer them that”.

Overcoming challenges

“One of the challenges in my role is managing competing deadlines and making sure that each and every client is receiving and excellent level of support and service. Client expectations need to be managed successfully and we need to work within the set timeframes. This means prior planning and good organisation. It’s about co-ordinating the team successfully to see how we can complete tasks in the most efficient manner possible”.

Personal development journey

“I am so excited about my future at AAB. Reaching the next stage of my career is so important to me. I always want to be progressing and I feel like at AAB I have the right platform to mould my own career. There’s so much opportunity within the business for me to grow and achieve and I can’t wait to see what my future looks like at AAB”.

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