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Louise is a Payroll Manager, based in our Aberdeen office. Louise works closely with a range of clients, becoming part of their team to deliver a personalised, integrated payroll service. This approach to client service means that Louise not only delivers not only “routine” payroll work, but her clients also trust her suggestions for better ways of working.  


“It goes without saying that clients are looking for us to provide a seamless payroll service and ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time. What is also increasingly important in the information age is to be able to provide them access to as much of the data behind the payroll as possible so that they can easily use it for reporting and compliance requirements. This includes areas like Gender Pay Gap reporting for instance – payroll can be a powerful management tool and it’s great that we can work with clients to deliver on areas like this that go above and beyond.”


“Being able to give clients a real time, digital overview using a clever software package at any stage of a payroll process is fantastic. What is even better is having a detailed conversation with clients about what this data means and speaking to them about the technical aspects of our work. We need to drive the tech approach, but we need to have a good relationship with the client which encourages meaningful conversations for them to truly get the benefit of our approach to a payroll service, it is so much more than processing payroll.”


“We are dedicated to using technology to improve data transfer and reporting fulfilment for clients, and one of my focus areas is on technological solutions. This does come with its own challenges, including making sure that I myself am keeping up with tech developments and ensuring that our training and processes within the team are geared to maximise the efficiency of new systems and solutions. Having a strong foundation in all things payroll helps me deliver this, while my background in non-bureau payroll means I always have an eye on the big picture, and how these solutions and processes might impact and improve associated functions like HR & Finance for a client.”


“Payroll can sometimes be viewed as a straightforward process – simply typing numbers into a box and then pressing a button to pay people – and this couldn’t be further from the truth! Ever changing legislation and guidelines mean that even the simplest payroll can require in depth technical knowledge to ensure every employee is paid correctly and on time, every time.”

“Because of these complexities, we are constantly striving to look for new ways to improve and drive efficiencies. I really enjoy it when a client is initially wary of an improved process or software solution but very quickly finds that it does enhance their productivity or their offering to their employees. The same goes for colleagues – helping them challenge the “that’s the way we’ve always done it mentality” and find smarter ways of working is very satisfying. We simply couldn’t keep up with the changes in the payroll landscape without being flexible problem solvers.”  

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