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Leander Wainwright is a Manager in our UK Payroll team. Having worked in Payroll since she was 17 years old, Leander has worked with hundreds of small to medium sized businesses. She understands that, for smaller businesses, the focus should be on growing and running their business rather than spending lots of time getting to grips with payroll legislation and payroll administration.

Leander is a natural-born problem solver, clients know they can rely on her any time they have an issue. With her extensive experience in Payroll, Leander has worked with all industry and service sectors.


“For me, the ideal relationship with a client is when a client can just pick the phone up and say “Hi, can you help me with this?” They know they can come to me and trust that I’ll find a solution.

Open communication and trust are so important in our relationships with clients, to the point where clients feel that we’re a member of their team rather than an outsourced service.”


“Clients rightfully have high expectations – they expect us to know the legislation and the guidelines, to be able to process their payroll and keep them compliant with HMRC, The Pension Regulator, Department of Work and Pension, etc. They expect us to be timely, accurate and reliable – and we are!”


“It is really satisfying to see businesses grow, the payroll increases in size often with more complexities, that’s how I know the business is flourishing. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve played a small part, by removing the payroll compliance and administration burden.

I work within a team of talented people, it’s always amazing to receive glowing feedback from a client about a fellow team member. I love to hear from a client that the payroll has run like clockwork, and it’s all gone smoothly.”


“Small to medium businesses, are prime examples of what being “tech enabled” is all about, they often work late into the evening on business administration tasks, they need access to a payroll platform anytime of the day or night.  Our clients at Leeds can access the payroll platform run reports, add staff holidays, see their HMRC liability all in one place. We often get comments “The platform is great with everything being in one place and very user friendly, I should have outsourced payroll years ago”

Being tech enabled allows clients to complete tasks from an office or on the move – they can access reports without needing to wait for someone to send them over. Thanks to our tech, the Leeds client has access to live reports 24 hours a day.

My communication style is flexible I will work with what the client feels comfortable with. Personally, I like to have regular phone contact, face-to-face via Teams or in person where possible.

What makes AAB special is the solid relationships we have with our clients, it’s important to look after those relationships.”


“Probably the biggest challenge in Payroll is changing people’s perceptions. Payrolls has a lot of legislation it’s not just a case of pressing a button – it’s not instant and requires human involvement and checking.

Managing expectations in terms of timescale limitations can be challenging.”


“For me, what excites me is the possibility of being part of the much wider group. AAB have specialists in a wide range of areas so the client doesn’t need shop around. It’s really exciting to think about what we can achieve in the future.”


“One of our Group values is ‘Clients are our passion’ – I absolutely live by this.

My passion is relieving the client’s payroll burden, provide the client and the employees a user-friendly platform.  I’m passionate about finding solutions that lightens the client’s workload.”


“I’m a problem solver by nature and analysing the impact on other processes. It is very satisfying working through problems all the way to a solution. I have a good knowledge of the Leeds payroll software which allows me to provide clients the best solutions, I love engaging with clients and helping them understand the payroll online dashboard and introducing clients to time saving solutions.”