Clients who range from SMEs through to large corporate and international groups. 


Providing value added Audit and Assurance services. Statutory accounts assistance. Guiding clients with changes in laws, regulations, and other compliance related requirements. Training team members internally and supporting their growth. 


Energy Sector. Food & Drink. Retail & Hospitality. Investment property & management.


Kyle Evett is a Manager within the Audit department. The focus of Kyle’s role and responsibility is for developing members of the audit team: training them, guiding them through the audit process, and helping them develop their current skills as well as learning new skills. At the same time, Kyle delivers high quality Audit and Assurance services to new and existing clients. 


“In my opinion, a good relationship with a client is about striking the right balance. Especially with clients that I have worked with for many years, we tend to develop a blend of a professional relationship and some degree of friendship, which makes for a really positive and solid foundation built on trust and mutual respect. They know I’ll always do my upmost to assist them and their business in whatever way I can, and I know they’ll come to me if they have any worries, queries or concerns. 

Through getting to know our clients and their businesses more deeply than simply on a surface level, we are much better positioned to offer them advice, guidance and other service recommendations that we know they’ll benefit from, and that will help improve their business.  

We can help clients with any business management or financial questions they might have or support they might need, and thanks to the trust built over time, they know they can come to us with any questions or issues that they might be facing. 

It becomes a real pleasure to see them grow and develop their business.” 


“Clients expect well delivered and high-quality services that are delivered on time and on budget – and that goes for anyone providing any service in the AAB Group. They expect openness, honesty, and accurate information. They know that even if someone at AAB doesn’t have all the answers, they will know someone who does, and they’ll find those answers for their client or make a recommendation for who can assist them best.” 


“I think what I enjoy most about AAB is that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what department you’re in, everyone at all levels works together as a team to achieve the best possible outcome that they can for their clients. They want to get the job done, and they want it to be done to a high standard.” 


“I think that the leadership team always drive and push for the most positive outcomes, and if that means that you have to do something different, then we do – we always try to think outside the box. The AAB Group is founded on being different, and embracing people with different ideas and ways of thanking and doing things – that’s how you drive innovation and change, through bold moves.”


“I think that some of the greatest challenges in the audit specialism is the changing and evolving regulatory environment that we work within. Being able to mitigate or reduce that challenge you have to work to get to know your clients and their businesses. You have to work closely with the team to develop their skills to ensure that they have the knowledge that they need. I make sure I’m always developing my own skills, to be able to carry out my job to the highest standard.” 


“What’s exciting about the AAB Group is that they’ve always grown, faced new challenges head-on and they’re always looking for ways to expand and adapt. Whilst doing those things they are also focussed on giving their employees new and challenging opportunities, whether that be through new business opportunities, service lines, or geographical location.”


“I think I can be a very good listener and communicator, which helps me grow and develop relationships with team members that I work with on a regular or irregular basis. This also helps me grow stronger relationships with my clients. I have a real sense of responsibility to deliver as good a service as I can to the clients that I’ve been afforded the opportunity to look after and work with.” 

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