Events Senior Manager

Who I help

AAB Leadership Team.

How I help

I support colleagues across all the AAB locations to plan, organise and deliver events.


All departments across the group.

“The right people come together with the right ideas.”

Based in our Aberdeen office, Kirsten Middleton is the Events Senior Manager for AAB. In her role Kirsten plans, organises and delivers all events. Kirsten’s role is extremely varied that can have over 90 events a year both internally and externally. Including client entertaining, seminars, webinars and celebratory dinners. Kirsten assists with the development of the business through hosting memorable and engaging events.

Kirsten has an amazing ability to build rapport with our guests, suppliers and the wider team she makes everyone feel welcome and put them at ease. Her relaxed manner and attention to detail  make her an absolute asset to the business.

Organisation is key

“Something that I pride myself on is my organisational skills, events require careful planning. I think it’s definitely better to be over prepared. I work closely with colleagues to make sure our events leave a lasting memory for all of our guests.”

“Often a years’ worth of events are condensed into six months to avoid holidays and busier periods. This can mean a lot of activity in one month and for a small team that can be challenging. Prior planning enables us to successfully manage multiple events across multiple locations. I utilise the quieter months to ensure I have planned ahead – prior planning prevents poor performance.”

Collaboration is our superpower

“At AAB collaboration is so important especially in my role, when the right people come together with ideas and event vision, it makes my job much easier and fun! I think colleagues appreciate my creativity and fun positive attitude when we’re collaborating on bringing an event to life. The most rewarding part of my role is delivering events that delight my colleagues and our clients.”

New events landscape

“The way we host events has undergone a massive change recently. Both what I do and how I do it. This new way of hosting events has meant that I’ve learned new skills, tools and techniques which has been exciting as I’m always looking to expand my knowledge. Virtual events and meetings are great, especially as the business continues to grow across the UK as it allows me to continue to deliver events group wide. I would always prefer an in-person meeting or event. I think there’s just something about meeting people face to face, the energy is different, and you have a better opportunity to really get to know someone.”

Growth Journey

“AAB are on a momentous growth journey which is so exciting. As the group continues to expand, I’m excited to see what and where is next for us.”

Clients are our passion

“Being able to entertain our clients is something so important to the core of AAB and I love my part in that! I’ve always loved the client entertaining side of events. Making sure our clients have a great experience is one of the most enjoyable parts of my role and being in a position to get to know them on a personal level is something that is really valuable.”