Corporate Finance Senior Manager 



Owner managed businesses & private equity


M&A Lead Advisory, Valuations, Financial Due Diligence, Business Strategy


Energy. Technology. Food & Drink

Kieran is a Senior Manager in the Corporate Finance team where he acts as an advisor in all areas of corporate transactions working with a diverse range of clients across the Energy, Technology and Food & Drink sectors.


“For me, an ideal client relationship is when you build a level of rapport where you can be completely honest with each other. Honesty is absolutely key, especially during intense and emotional situations and generally people are receptive to those difficult conversations, because at the end of the day, that’s what I’m here for. I am always going to put my client first and sometimes that means being brutally honest and having those difficult conversations at crucial points during transactions.


“I want to get to the point with our clients where I become an ‘everything’ advisor and not just the corporate finance advisor.

I want relationships with our clients to the point where they know they can contact me at any time, and I’ll be there to give advice, give answers or find answers no matter the subject.

A huge part of what I find so satisfying and engaging about my work is the relationships I get to develop with clients. The course of a deal might last a for a few weeks or it might last 12 months, so quite often you have the time to build that rapport and mutual respect. Quite quickly their personal and professional successes become yours, and when one deal concludes with a client, and they come back to you to handle their next one, that is a great feeling.”


“I feel lucky – I owe where I am in my career in large part to AAB’s culture. In the AAB Group, if you go after something, you’ll get rewarded for it. If you work hard, you’ll reap the benefits. AAB doesn’t necessarily play by the more traditional rules or norms where you might expect to have to work a certain number of years before you can climb the ladder. If you are known to work hard, and you’re good at what you do, then you get given opportunities, and you can become even better. There are opportunities for greater responsibilities and greater successes if you want them, and it’s great to know that the trust and support is there.

The opportunities at AAB are expanding too – the more our Corporate Finance team grows, and the farther the geographical reach of the Group, the more we will get to build relationships with different people and work with different clients across the globe.”


“Probably the trickiest aspect of the work I do is managing expectations. During transactions emotions can understandably run high and part of my job is to manage emotions and ensure we all remain aligned on the end goal. I like to think I am good at managing expectations, managing emotions, and remaining commercial in situations where others might give into stress or frustration.”

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