Corporate Tax Senior Manager



Large Corporates. SMEs. Owner-Managed Businesses.


Corporate Tax Compliance. Research & Development. Company Restructures. Employee Share Schemes. Due Diligence. Incorporations.


Corporate Tax. Expertise to Entrepreneurs. Research & Development. Private Client.


KellyAnne Murtagh is a Corporate Tax Senior Manager. Based in our Newry office, KellyAnne oversees the Corporate Tax Team in Northern Ireland and helps companies, and their owners understand their tax obligations.

KellyAnne is also part of the Expertise to Entrepreneurs team and seeks to deliver commercially focused tax advice on reorganisations, equity incentive arrangements, pre-sale and exit tax planning.

Within her role in the Innovations team, KellyAnne works with companies who are undertaking Research & Development activities to help them make successful Research & Development Tax Relief claims. She also works with companies who have patents to identify how much of their profits could attract lower a Corporation Tax rate and make Patent Box claims.

Being part of the client’s journey

“The one thing I enjoy the most when working with clients is seeing their excitement for their business whether it be about growth, the innovation they are exploring, or passing the reigns to the next generation. It’s a privilege to be part of our clients’ success stories, and getting to help them put their plans into action in the most tax-efficient manner gives me real job satisfaction.”

Providing more than just compliance

“The detail of tax legislation is key but it’s not what clients are interested in. In tax, the greatest challenge is keeping up to date with the ever-evolving legislation while translating this in a way that makes commercial sense for our clients, allowing them to make proactive decisions for their business. As my clients’ trusted advisor, I want to help them understand their tax obligations in clear, jargon-free language, remove the burden of compliance, and advise them of opportunities when we can restructure transactions to give them the best tax outcome.”

Embracing the hybrid model

“Over the past few years, technology has changed the way in which we deliver our service to clients. I feel that virtual meetings are great to get projects up and running initially but when you get to the fine detail, you can’t beat face-to-face meetings. I believe being able to meet the client in-person allows us to address queries or communicate any important findings the most effectively while really helping us to build trust and develop a strong, lasting relationship. I’d say my preferred approach to working with clients is a mixture of virtual and face-to-face, depending on the circumstances and the timelines involved.”

Collaboration leads to better outcomes

“A collaborative approach is particularly important within the accountancy industry since there are so many ways our clients need our help, and no one can be a master of all specialisms. The wider team at AAB are unmatched at what they do and share the same passion for delivering an excellent client service so when I refer a client to another team, I know that they’re in safe hands. Within the Tax Team we’re always happy to talk through complex issues together and share knowledge with one another. Tax legislation is regularly being updated and tested in the courts, so why not use the collective brain power of the team to get the right advice to the client sooner?”

The importance of adaptability

“I think my greatest strength is being adaptable to change, whether that be in my perception of what is the best advice for a client or keeping up to date with the changes in tax legislation. There are new tax rules every year and it’s important for me to continually stay on top of them so that I can keep my clients right. Equally, technology is rapidly developing – none of us will be doing our job the same way in five years’ time so I think it’s even more important that we’re willing to embrace change and adapt.”

Positive feedback

“I’m always delighted to hear positive feedback from my clients. For example, a client recently thanked me for easing their worries. Hearing positive feedback like this can be extremely rewarding as I understand that tax can be confusing and mounting deadlines can add to their stresses so I always try my best to ease a client’s tax anxiety in any way I can, whether it be to look after their compliance or simply reassure them that they have got things right.”