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Katie Fullerton is a manager in our global payroll team. Whilst Katie is based in our Aberdeen office, she works with team members across the UK and partners across the globe. She spends her days handling payroll queries from around the world, assisting clients with their specific requirements and ensuring that they are aware of all areas which are either impacted by current payroll legislation, or those which may be triggered when businesses are looking to expand into new territories.  

Katie oversees the day-to-day operations of the global payroll team, including client service delivery and team training requirements. With an extensive knowledge in all things global payroll, including personal experience of assisting clients with operations in over 60 countries, she has become one of the “go to” team members for all things global payroll at AAB.   


“I work with clients from a range of different sectors and they vary in size and requirements. There are some who have huge operations across multiple countries with large headcounts, and others are small one or two people businesses who work in multiple jurisdictions. My main role is to help all of these clients jump through all of the hoops around global payroll, and it’s always a lot more complex than people think.

Different countries have different requirements, and it can be difficult for clients to keep up to date with changing legislation across the globe when they also have their day job to get on with. It’s my role to keep clients right on all of these and highlight anything they should be aware of. We aim to provide an end-to-end service, so in addition to the payroll we will work with our international partners to assist clients with all the additional things that come with sending employees to work across the globe, including banking and international payments for example.”


“It’s great when we establish a collaborative approach with clients and become part of their team. Trust is key and taking a completely transparent approach helps us make clients lives easier. Understanding and appreciating the different payroll requirements of each country, in addition to the general complexities of being global, is an area often overlooked. But, having a good relationship enables us to provide the best support, guidance and advice to clients. We want clients to know that we are always here for them, whatever the situation”


“One of the areas I enjoy most about my role is speaking to different people from different walks of life, and getting an understanding of different countries and cultures, on a daily basis. It’s also incredibly satisfying when you can help solve problems for clients and get them to their end goal.

On a similar theme, another part of my role I enjoy most is training the team. I thoroughly enjoy helping people develop and coaching them to reach their potential. Over the years I have gained a huge amount of knowledge of the payroll requirements in so many countries across the globe and it’s really rewarding to be able to pass this on for the benefit of others in the team and ultimately our clients.”


“Payroll is a sensitive subject. Employees need to be paid correctly and on time, every time, and clients need to be happy with the ongoing service delivery. There can be barriers to overcome to achieve this, including working across multiple time zones, language barriers, cultural differences and holding other, external parties to our response times, but we do it all to give the clients the service they deserve.

We utilise advances in technology to provide efficiencies to save time and streamline processes, but we need to deliver the personal touch too. Clients don’t want an anonymous help desk – they need to get to know the person and the team delivering their service.”

I think one of my greatest strengths is around client relationships. I want to do well for our clients and will do whatever I can to support them, make them feel at ease and deliver a personal service. I think the knowledge I’ve gained in global payroll over the years helps with this, and it also serves me well in the geography section of any pub quiz!”

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