Business Advisory Senior Manager


Clients within a diverse range of industries such as retail, aviation, consultancy, property management, construction, public relations, digital branding & employer of record providers.


Support the tax & audit departments in servicing clients when required. Work with fellow entities within the AAB Group to add additional value in complimentary expertise. Assist clients by being their point of contact and providing support to them in all their required areas, along with various expertise within our team.


Family Business & Tech Sector.


Karl Foley is Business Advisory Senior Manager. Based in our Dublin office he has extensive experience in audit, accounts preparation and plays a leading role in managing a portfolio of clients. Karl has over 17 years’ experience advising clients across the Island of Ireland. He is a key strategic financial advisor working with networking groups including Ireland together, The Dublin Network and BNI Ireland & UK with a combined network of 5,000 businesses. Karl plays a key role in advising both start up and established entities within the membership.

The role of a business advisor

“We don’t want to be viewed as another external person coming in and advising our clients about their business. Our aim to be viewed as an addition to their team, someone who is working alongside them and not just for them. When clients view us in this way, we’re able to truly establish and maintain the most effective working relationship with them. This means really getting to know their businesses, understanding what it is they’re looking to achieve and how we can help them to achieve those goals to achieve business success.

In order to do this, we have to provide clear and concise advice when it’s required. We’re not here to just regurgitate legislation and compliance regulations. We need to take that information and let our clients know how changes will affect them. My greatest strength is being able to foster those relationships with clients where they view me as a trusted advisor, knowing I have their best interest at heart and that they will receive a gold standard service from me.”

Helping clients to achieve their goals

“Helping a client to achieve their goals is a feeling like no other. Knowing that you’ve had a hand in helping them to achieve business success and continuation. This is only possible when there’s a collective team effort. Being part of the growing AAB Group means that there’s no shortage of experts our clients can tap into for their expertise, help and support.”

Embrace digital change

“Technology is such an important tool that we can use to our advantage. For me, I believe it’s important to bring clients along with us on our digital journey as this can help them to make assertive, informed decisions. The advancements of technology have made it easier to have communication with our clients with regular touch points an option over video call or emails. We’re in a lucky position that with some of our clients we’re able to help them embrace digital change, showing them just how transformative technology can be and the exceptional benefits it provides at the same time.
However, that doesn’t replace the personal element. I’m so glad that we’re able to offer our clients the option of both virtual and in person. It enables us to meet clients where they are and give them the opportunity to choose the one that best aligns to their needs.”

Incredible growth journey

“It’s a really exciting time to be part of AAB Group. We’re on an incredible growth journey and as we progress the more opportunities are being created for our people and for our clients. We’re adding new service lines and experts in different fields all the time which helps us to further develop our knowledge sharing culture and support our people to achieve their career goals. When clients come to me with a question- I don’t have to know the answer because I’m in a position where there’ll be someone else in the group that does, and I can go to that person and know I’m giving my clients advice from another expert. That’s just one of the ways we’re able to complete that value add for our clients.”

adding value

“I’m not there to just complete the annual compliance work. It’s a common misconception that as accountants that’s all we’re there to do. I will always aim to be so much more than that. My role is to add value and bring clients on a journey. We’ll of course complete the compliance work but what we ultimately want to help them do is achieve their short, medium and long-term goals.”

Greatest compliment

“In testament to you Karl, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have in recent times of it wasn’t for your valued assistance, dedication and commitment”.

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