People & Culture Project Consultant 



I support our team by delivering People Experience initiatives to the group. 


We are accredited by Best Companies, and I support the business in being the best workplace that it can be. 

“I love helping people to succeed.” 

Karen Stewart is People & Culture Project Consultant with the People & Culture team. She specialises in all types of HR project work related to our People Experience. 

Based in our Aberdeen office, Karen works extensively within the People & Culture team on projects to support the development of our people. 

Karen can advise you on all types of people related matters. 


“I trained as an accountant and worked in audit and business services initially and was really interested in helping others develop their careers. I had the opportunity to use that passion and those skills and transfer into a Human Resources role.  

I absolutely love it when people join AAB and I can help them to succeed and fulfil their potential. I’m really proud when students get their professional qualifications. That’s always such a highlight for me. I can absolutely relate to the hard work and joy when they pass their exam as I’ve been there.”  


“I work with a great team of people who have a real passion for people wellbeing and development. We share the same values around empathy, support and understanding and we are very supportive of each other and the wider business. We approach everything as ‘we’re all in it together’ so I know I can count on them when I need to but equally, they can count on me to step in, roll my sleeves up and help them whenever I’m needed.  

Like me, some of the team have worked in the technical side of the business or similar industries, so we have an excellent understanding of the business, the challenges, and the people. Our role is to support, nurture and provide the best environment we can for everyone that works in AAB.”  


“I’m always looking for ways we can improve the lives of our people. Employee health and wellbeing in AAB was front and centre of our People & Culture offering many years ago, long before other companies were focusing on it. I pride myself on the attention we pay to the whole person and not just their working lives within AAB. For me, it’s all about having happy people and our projects, programmes and focus centre on that. 

Awesome service is embedded across the company and that applies to our internal teams as well. We also deliver awesome service to our internal and external clients, whether that’s AAB team members, agencies, universities, or schools.” 


“Our People & Culture technology sits at the heart of the business. Installing a new People & Culture system has meant infrastructure changes across the whole tech setup. That’s what is great about AAB, we’re not afraid to push the boundaries and make large changes to evolve and improve what we do. 

We want a People & Culture system that is integral to the day-to-day roles of everyone in the business. It’s a single place for information about AAB people and internal communications, rather than separate systems. We want systems that people can use easily and that offers them real benefits every day.” 

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