UK entities. Multinationals. SMEs. Privately Owned & Listed Businesses. Public & Social Sector Organisations.  Employers with a global footprint or considering tendering for work in locations out with the UK with overseas payroll compliance support requirement. 


I can support employers when moving into new jurisdictions to ensure global payroll compliance is considered. The complexities and sometimes hidden costs involved with registrations and in country reporting and remittance can sometimes be underestimated.  


Oil & Gas, Energy, Financial, Hospitality & Technology.  


Karen McLeod is a Senior Manager within our Payroll & Employment Taxes team. Karen is accountable for the onboarding and ongoing delivery of our global mobility and global domestic payroll operations. Karen ensures that from an operational and strategic stand point there is the capacity to manage delivery in line with expectations, agree timelines  and check we’ve got the right team members dedicated to the right project and clients. This includes our In Country Partners who we very much viewed as an extension to our team. 

Based in our Aberdeen office, Karen and her team act as a payroll control centre for employees working in more than 90 different countries and play a key part in making sure over 25,000 people get paid every pay date. Karen also ensures her clients are meeting compliance obligations and are made aware when a potential triggering event may be approaching to support clients with pro-actively planning rather than reacting to being in an overseas tax jurisdiction.  


“I strive for a collaborative relationship with our clients and in country partners. That’s when I can add the most value. I always try to maintain great relationships with regular face to face contact where possible.  Working as a team to globally coordinate and with one focus – to ensure our most important shared goal is achieved – all employees receive their pay in an accurate, timely and compliant way every payday. 

When they’re working with me, clients don’t have to think about different time zones, cultures or languages. My team and I are their constant and we can take care of it for them. Whatever happens they know they can speak to us and we’ll have a firm grip on current status and be proactively targeting any challenges we foresee.”


“Like most payrollers, I’m very deadline-driven. I enjoy multi-tasking, and the buzz when there are lots of things going on. Payroll is a very fast-paced environment, so I think you need to be the type of person who thrives on that. 

Every month it’s a real team effort. We all have our own clients, payrolls and workload to take care of but if someone is running behind schedule due to the ever changing landscape in payroll we all help out to hit deadlines. My favourite time of the month is when all the payments have been released and I know that everyone has been paid. It’s that sense of achievement and relief!” 


“I think we’re brave at AAB. We’re always striving to improve, never static. We’re proactive too – always seeking out partners in new areas of the world, rather than waiting until we need them. 

Our culture makes us question. Is there a better way to do this? Is there a more efficient way? A more technology-driven way?  

We’ve actually just implemented our first robot – BacStar. Bacstar now handles the process of exporting bacs files from our payroll software STAR to our bacs software hence the name! That’s been a massive change for our team and efficiency saving with almost 100 hours of time freed up. They team have been fantastic at embracing Bacstar as part of the team and we’re all comfortable that the robots are not going to replace us. They are here to take on some of the more mundane tasks freeing us up to do that human decision making and client relationship building that is so important to us. As much as we love our robot, it will never replace the humans that make AAB so exceptional.” 


“A client once described me as the Oracle. A massive compliment! Their feedback was that if there’s a query, whether it’s around payroll legislation, tax or any other topic I’m always the one to ask. I of course do not claim to know everything – but whatever the question, they know that I’ll speak to one of my great colleagues at AAB and find the answer. That’s an approach I feel payroll professionals have in them. A can-do attitude and that strive to ensure that no matter what gets thrown at us, even if we have to work 24 hours a day, there’s no way anyone’s not going to get paid on time!” 

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