Corporate entities, either on an individual basis or as part of a group.


External audits. Statutory accounts preparation. Compliance.


Across all sectors.


Karen Coulter is an Audit Director. Based in our Newry office, Karen helps clients meet their compliance obligations and to overcome any business challenges that may arise. As part of a training firm, Karen devotes a substantial amount of her time to coaching and encouraging her team to be the best they can be, which she believes is key to building a sustainable organisation.

Support to help you succeed

“An ideal relationship with a client is one where we work together towards the same goal. Effective communication is essential to achieving positive outcomes. I try to keep in contact with my clients regularly to discuss any queries they have and ensure they understand their options and find a solution that is right for them.

The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is seeing how different businesses operate and sharing best practice with other businesses. I always get a great sense of accomplishment seeing businesses grow and thrive and knowing we played a part in that success.”

Finding the balance

“A virtual approach has a key place in today’s society, but I believe nothing can replace the “hands-on” route. Meeting in-person allows us to get to know our clients outside of the audit process, helping us to foster meaningful and trusting connections. I believe it is vital that we never lose sight of the importance of the human touch. Ultimately, each client has bespoke needs and preferences so it’s important we find a perfect balance that works for them.”

It’s all about our people

“Nothing is more important than our people. Work (and life) is all about people.  We’re all unique and motivated by different things, and we have to ensure that we put our people first. Because it is only when we have the right people in the right space, we can provide the right service that our clients need.

At AAB, we have a people-focused culture where each individual is valued and respected. The most satisfying aspect of working with my team is knowing they are there to offer support when you need it. It’s also incredibly rewarding to see other team members grow, develop and progress in their own careers.”

An innovative way of thinking

“My greatest strengths are my honesty, openness, and timely communication with clients. I also always look to challenge the way we do things in order to improve processes and find innovative ways to solving problems.

Tell us about a time these skills helped in a scenario with a client or a time you found a process that wasn’t efficient and suggested a positive change – what was this change? What about a time you solved a problem? Was it for a client or colleague? How did it help? What was the impact of solving the problem? Can keep clients anonymised.

An agile approach

“The greatest challenges in audit are the constant regulatory changes and the need to be compliant from an Institute point of view. As the world becomes more accessible, demands for the knowledge of differing auditing and accounting standards increases. To keep up with ever-changing compliance issues and regulatory requirements, I spend a lot of my time undertaking technical research and using this knowledge to support our clients in the most commercial way.”

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