Owner Managed Businesses. Private Equity Backed Companies. International Groups.  


Audits. Liaison on Corporate Tax. Assistance on Disposals and Acquisitions.  


Property & Construction. Food & Drink. Leisure. Oil & Gas. Housing Associations. 


Julie Henderson is a Senior Manager within our Audit team. She works with a range of companies from small owner managed businesses, right up to large internationals.  

Based in our Aberdeen office, Julie’s audit work spans a number of diverse sectors, from property and construction, oil and gas, right through to food and drink, and leisure. She’s also one of our specialists when it comes to housing associations. And without doubt, she says the best bit of her job is being out and about and meeting people.  


“If you want to build a good working relationship, it has to start with being open and honest. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about trust. When I work with clients, I want them to always feel like they can pick up the phone and ask questions as they arise. Because if nothing else, it’s always less time-consuming to solve an issue at the time, rather than having to go back in and unravel what’s happened six months down the line. If clients have faith in you and are upfront about everything, it makes a world of difference.” 


“Clients come to us for our technical knowledge and help on accounting issues. But ultimately, I think they’re looking for a responsive service and that personal touch – and that’s what I always aim to give them.  

Every day is different in this job – and that’s probably why I’ve stayed doing it for so long! Getting to know so many people and companies, from across a complete spectrum of sectors, ensures it’s always fascinating. And all the time, just sitting and listening to people talk, and sharing in their expertise, you’re learning all the time. 

People don’t really say, ‘That’s the best audit I’ve ever had.’ And if they did, I’d probably think, what have I missed? But the fact that they keep working with me is compliment enough.”  


“Since the pandemic, work patterns have changed – there’s no denying that. And while I’m keen to embrace technology like video calls, from an audit point of view, I find nothing replaces being on-site with a client.  

If I’m working remotely, I can ask questions, but I’m limited by what I’m being told. But if I’m on-site, I’m more visible. And I’ve got more chance of picking something up just by being in someone’s office and seeing things first-hand or hearing people’s conversations. So yes, not every meeting has to be face-to-face. But every so often, it’s really key to get everyone around the table.” 


“I suppose in audit and at AAB, nothing stands still for long. There are always changing regulations and standards to keep up with, new technology, new ways of working.  

But what I’m really excited about is the growth that we’re seeing in our business. Whether it’s expanding into new geographical areas or into new sectors, that opens up opportunities for everyone. And when you bring new people into the mix, the chance to work with new colleagues and learn from their expertise is really valuable.”  

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