Business Advisory Services Assistant Manager 



Anyone who requires business advisory services.


Providing a full management accounts service. Ensuring compliance deadlines are met for submission of VAT returns. Ensuring legal and legislative compliance. Providing management reports on a monthly/quarterly basis. Training my colleagues and keeping them up to date with the latest legislation requirements.


A wide variety of sectors, including property, renewable energy, professional practices, retail, manufacturing, entertainment, charities. 

we remove the burden on the client.”

Joyce McKernan is an Assistant Manager in our Business Advisory Services team. Based in our Glasgow office, Joyce manages a team who provide a full bookkeeping and management accounts service, ensuring compliance deadlines are met for submission of VAT returns, and removing some of the increasing compliance burden which clients now have, including ensuring that their records are maintained to be compliant with Making Tax Digital for VAT.  


“In my opinion, the ideal relationship is one where I can build a rapport with the client that helps to build their trust and confidence in our services. I’m definitely a people person, so the human, relationship-based facet of my work is really rewarding for me. Clients expect us to provide an efficient and friendly service, helping them to comply with their statutory requirements for VAT and ensuring the burden is taken away from them, and I’m always happy to deliver above and beyond expectations.” 


“For me, the most satisfying aspect of the job is meeting with clients face-to-face or by phone and building that all important relationship, based on mutual respect and trust. Getting acknowledgement from the client that they’re really pleased with the service provided is a great feeling.

Helping the team to improve and expand their knowledge by using the benefit of my experience, and watching the trainees develop from the training and guidance provided by me is also amazing, and a huge part of what makes this work so fulfilling.” 

saving time & stress

“I feel that while the latest technology can really help to provide the awesome service expected of us, and can help clients with digitally maintaining their records, saving them time and stress, you can’t beat a face to face meeting or call with clients to reassure them, build a rapport and provide additional support.” 

drawing upon vast experience

“What excites me most about my future at AAB is knowing that we will be able to draw upon a vast amount of experience and knowledge as the AAB family keeps growing. The breadth of expertise we’ll have will just keep expanding, which is fantastic.”

an outgoing personality

“Some of the strengths I bring to the Group include being a people person, having an outgoing personality, and being able to communicate with people of all levels. I also have years of experience in my field so I’m confident in my expertise and ability to help clients in a variety of ways. I’m also loyal – both to my colleagues at AAB, and also to clients. It matters to me, how they do, and it makes me happy to see them doing well.” 

taking big steps

“Accountants in general tend to be quite ‘traditional’ in their outlook. People often think of us as boring. We’re not all like that! AAB are working hard, and succeeding in changing that opinion by being so daring, and not being afraid to take big steps; we’re always looking ahead and moving forward.” 

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