Business Advisory Manager


Who I help

Owner managed & family businesses, high growth companies & entrepreneurs.

How I help

Year-end compliance, management accounts, business advisory services & project work. Most importantly, being a sounding board for my clients.

“So much more to what we do than working on a spreadsheet”

John Darroch is a Business Advisory manager based in our Glasgow office. Working with owner- managed and family businesses he handled their business advisory requirements from compliance, providing management information through to project work.

John has a vast amount of experience working with businesses across multiple sectors including the food and drink and leisure sector. No matter what sector his clients are in it’s his mission to do everything he can to help them achieve their goals.

Unvarnished truth

“it’s important to me that there’s a foundation of mutual understanding and respect with all clients. They’ve came to us because they know what we’re capable of. We need to show them that it’s not just that we can do the job well but that while they’re our client we will go above and beyond to help them however we can. We’ll give them the unvarnished truth when they need it and advise them on the best course of action where possible. We will deliver on these services. At AAB there’s no shortage of specialists and while they are our client they’ll have access to all our specialists in whatever capacity they need.

Diversity of thought

“Asking ‘what’ and ‘why’ is so important for me. I need to know why are we doing this? What outcome are we hoping for why is it done this way? What other options are available. Questioning everything allows for dynamic conversations, diversity of thought and opinion and a much more collaborative way of working together. One of the most satisfying aspects of working with clients is seeing their businesses thrive and them achieve their goals. Asking those important questions is instrumental sometimes in helping them get there”

Best of both worlds

“The fact that AAB is tech enabled means I have the best of both words. Technology allows for the easy transfer of information particularly when compliance is involved. However, I still believe that picking up the phone to a client or sitting in front of them builds a deeper relationship, and also allows for a more meaningful conversation, rather than email tennis where nuance could be lost. So yes, technology can allow for a smoother process and working patterns, but you still need to be in front of your client to build the relationship.

Heights to come

“I’m excited to see where my career grows to. As someone who is very career orientated, I want to push as far as I can and I believe this ties into the growth strategy here at AAB. It is a really exciting time to be part of the firm, and I am looking forward to seeing the heights both myself and the firm can reach.”

Collaboration provides opportunity

“One person cannot do everything on their own, especially with the time pressures that we all face. It is key to make sure the right person is doing the right task, to ensure consistency, timeliness and accuracy.  By not having collaboration it takes away an individual’s ability to grow develop and learn something new. I look at this in everything that I do and ask myself am I better doing this, or can I give the opportunity to another. And help them learn’. So, while this ensures efficiencies within the firm, it also gives our people opportunities.

Greatest strengths

“Commercial awareness and people skills are some of the greatest strengths I bring to AAB. I think about the commercial aspects of everything that I do. Be it from the client side or from our own business. I also tend to build relationships very quickly, which is important both internally with my team and the rest of the firm and with clients. I like talking to people, find out what motivates them and build a relationship accordingly.

More than number crunchers

“There’s a common perception that all accountants are dull, boring number crunchers. An age-old adage, that is far from true. I don’t believe people realise that there is so much more to what we do than working on a spreadsheet. We are adding value to our clients businesses, getting to know really interesting people who are doing amazing things and building strong relationships with them.

I once had a client tell me the support I provided them saved their business. I’ll never forget that. Knowing the support I was able to provide made that much of a difference to the client makes everything I do, everything I strive for so much more worthwhile. That’s why I tend not to listen to those people who think we’re nothing more than number crunchers and instead listen to the people who value our expertise and how we can help their businesses.”

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