Audit Assistant Manager



Providing external audit and assurance services


I provide Audit and Assurance services to a variation of clients, from small owner-managed businesses to large international groups in a diverse range of industries.


The main sectors my clients operate in include the fishing industry, oil and gas, recruitment and logistics.


Joanna Buchan is an Assistant Manager within our Audit team. Based in Aberdeen, Joanna works hard to ensure audits are executed successfully from the initial planning stage all the way through to the accounts signing. It is her responsibility to assist with junior members of the team, support management, manage the workload and ensure that audits are completed effectively and on time. She strives to provide the best possible service to the client while maintaining strong relationships.


 “Based on my experience so far, I’ve found the audits that are most efficient are those where I’ve been able to develop that personal relationship with clients, implementing non work-related conversations where we can chat about their families or what they got up to at the weekend. Personally, I think it’s great to be able to understand what they like to do outside the working environment as I feel it develops a strong foundation and they respect us more as they can see that we are humans too.

Of course, it is also hugely important that we focus on the audit. It’s crucial in order to work effectively that both us and the client are responsive and open-minded. I hugely appreciate those relationships where we maintain mutual respect and are consistently polite and friendly.”


“Clients look for all-round awesome service. It’s important that I’m friendly, approachable, and professional in my role, with the ability to have that personal approach and relationship with them. As their auditor, they look for me to be able to provide appropriate knowledge and expertise which they can rely on in order to support and provide them with their audit and assurance. It is crucial that I take the time to develop a profound understanding of my clients and their business needs allowing me to be able to provide the best possible service and guidance.”


“There’s no better satisfaction for me than reaching the stage of the accounts signing knowing an audit has run smoothly, with good, clear communication and above all, the client feeling satisfied with the service we provided. I thrive on knowing I’ve been able to deliver above my client’s expectations.


“One of the highlights for me is working with a variety of colleagues from all levels of the team. I enjoy working with senior members as I’m constantly striving to improve. Working alongside them, I gain valuable insight into their knowledge and skills, being able to adapt these in my own role. Equally, I enjoy working with the junior members of the team – being able to guide them and see them progress is hugely rewarding.

I thrive when an audit team gels well, working hard to complete the audit effectively; while also being able to have fun and laughter in the process. The people and culture at AAB is one of the biggest highlights for me of working here. We really are like-minded people and it’s always a pleasure being given the opportunity to work with a variation of teams.”


“It’s important that I’m able to work flexibly; adapting my approach to the individual circumstances in order to best meet not only client needs but also my own needs and those of my colleagues.

Some of our clients prefer carrying out their audit virtually, which relies heavily on technology. We are very adaptable in supporting technological change and ensure we best utilise our resources. It’s totally possible to complete an audit from start to finish without even meeting the client face-to-face. This can work to our advantage when clients are situated all over the world.

On the other hand, some clients prefer us to work from their offices in order to complete the audit. For me personally, I prefer this approach. We are able to speak face-to-face with the client and I feel it is easier to build those quality relationships and have more effective discussions. It also allows us to learn all about the client, their business and identify any opportunities of how we can best support them.

I think it’s hugely important that we achieve the correct balance of the two dependant on client-specific circumstances and needs.”


“My job as a whole is hugely challenging. There’s never a day I go home and don’t feel I’ve worked hard or feel mentally shattered! The auditing profession is complex, and I know I will never be finished learning. I feel truly challenged in my role daily, and I strive to face this head on.”


“Now that I have completed my CA exams, I’m looking forward to the next challenge. I hugely enjoy learning so all my energy will now be focused on my career and my role in order to constantly be evolving and improving my skills and knowledge set.

As we know, AAB as a company is constantly developing and growing; now more so than ever. I’m looking forward to seeing the locations and markets we expand in to next and envisioning the quality reputation of the firm develop further.”

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