I provide external audit services to assist all sizes of organisations from a wide variety of industries.


By providing not only external audit services but also ongoing support and advice all year round.


Oil & Gas. Retail. Manufacturing. Technology. Life Sciences & Not-For-Profit.


Based in our Glasgow office, Jenny Morris is a Senior Manager within our Audit team. Jenny has over 15 years of audit experience working with businesses across a wide range of industries including oil and gas, retail, manufacturing, technology, life sciences and not-for-profit.

Jenny’s main responsibility is to manage an audit from planning through to completion. This includes managing the team, reviewing the work, and ensuring appropriate communication with the client.

During the audit process, Jenny immerses herself in the business she is working with, allowing its owners and finance teams to gain from her knowledge and expertise about specific business and economic trends.

Jenny prides herself on being friendly and approachable, and on delivering a jargon-free service that all her clients can understand and learn from.

Communication is key

“Building good client relationships is one of my favourite aspects about working in audit. My ideal client relationship would be one where there is an open and honest two-way communication throughout the year and not just during the short period of audit fieldwork.  Having regular contact ensures not only that we, as the audit team, are kept up to speed with what is going on but we can also ensure that we are able to assist our clients promptly should there be any issues developing. In addition to this, having strong communication and rapport also helps build up trust and ensures that the audit is a much more gratifying process”

Here to add value

“One of the aspects of working with clients I enjoy the most is the opportunity to meet so many people from all walks of life with various skills who are passionate about what they do and the businesses they are in.

There is a common perception of auditors that we are “out to get you”.  However, we genuinely want to work with our clients to add value and do our best to help them achieve their personal and business objectives. I always aim to provide an efficient, pain-free audit that adds value to the business.”

Close relationships

“At AAB, we have an ethos of positivity, enthusiasm, and fun in the workplace.  I strive to be positive and bring an element of fun to work.  As a senior manager in audit, I think one of my key responsibilities is developing strong relationships not only with my clients but also within my own team.  For me, I find great satisfaction in building solid relationships within all levels of the firm and having the support network available to bounce ideas or technical points off of.

I believe my strong people skills are the greatest strengths I bring to AAB. I pride myself on being friendly and approachable both to colleagues and clients.  In addition to this, I am hard working and take pride in my work.”

Always adapting

“Within Audit, the greatest challenges are the constant changes in auditing standards and the need for increased testing and documentation.  As a result of this, we do need to continually adapt our working style and testing approach to ensure that we continue to be efficient and try and limit the impact of any changes on the client.  Obviously, some changes will result in increased testing being required so communicating these requirements on a timely basis is imperative.”

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