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Jennifer Brown is a Senior Manager within our Tax team. Based in Glasgow, she works with a wide range of companies, handling their corporation tax compliance work and identifying and using appropriate tax reliefs to ensure that the company’s tax liabilities are reduced as far as possible. 

A lot of Jennifer’s time is spent coaching colleagues – something that she really enjoys. She is also developing her own knowledge by working more closely with the Research and Development, and Capital Allowances tax teams.  


“I know that all my clients are different. Some clients prefer a more formal approach while others are more relaxed and prefer the personal touch. What is important is being able to read people and understand how they like to work. It’s all about communication really.”  


“I think what all clients want, is to know that their companies matter to me and that I’m genuinely interested in their business. Clients want to have the confidence that I will handle all the standard compliance for them ensuring that the returns are filed on time and that they are aware of upcoming payment dates. Knowing that somebody is taking care of the compliance allows directors and financial controllers to concentrate on what they do best – running and developing their business. As well as the routine compliance, clients also want to know that I’m thinking about their business as a whole and considering other potential tax planning/tax saving opportunities. As long as I keep my clients informed, I’ll be able to earn their trust and respect.”  


“It’s the people aspect that I enjoy most about my work. I really enjoy training and coaching other members of my team. It’s vital when you take on a coaching and mentoring role that you make time to get to know the individual and understand what makes them ‘tick’ – everyone is different and responds differently to different coaching styles. It’s incredibly rewarding when you’ve spent time with someone going over a technical point and you can actually see it click – it makes it worthwhile.   Watching the trainees develop their knowledge and confidence as they progress in their careers is a rewarding experience and brings with it a sense of pride knowing that you’ve played a small part in their professional development. 

This is a welcoming team that is always open to new ideas. There’s a lot of camaraderie, support and flexibility which is important. The team work hard – but what they put in, they get back out.” 


“One of the greatest challenges in my role is trying to juggle many demands at once. It’s important to be flexible, adaptable, realistic, and honest about what is and is not achievable and identify ways to ensure that at the end of the day the client’s needs and expectations are met. Another challenge is keeping up to date with the ever-changing tax rules but it’s crucial that I do and it helps prevent the job becoming stale.”