Virtual Finance Function Manager 



Owner Managed Businesses.  


Cloud Accounting. Monthly Reporting. Financial Management. Financial Advice. 


Tourism, Retail & Hospitality. Public Sector. 


Jason is a Manager in our Virtual Finance Function (VFF team). 

Based in our Aberdeen office, Jason helps client to remotely run their finance function through the use of cloud accounting, delivering monthly reporting packs and day-to-day financial management and advice.  


“My ideal client relationship is one when the client knows I am a go-to source for informed and timely advice. I want my clients to know they can always speak to me to get advice and peace of mind, whether that be asking a small question or something more complex. Life is made easier when both me and my clients have all the information we need, and that can only be achieved when a solid relationship is built.  

I always take the time to get to know their business and its need, and I love being part of the change journey. VFF really does mean we integrate into their business and become a key team member, so its really rewarding when you can help clients achieve their goals and see them evolve and grow.” 


“AAB really does challenge the norms, questioning the traditional way and seeing what can be done differently to benefit clients more. VFF really embodies this, taking cloud accounting a step further to mean we can join their finance team on a remote basis.  

This remote working approach gives me greater flexibility to support clients based across the UK and around the world, which would not be possible if we had to be at their premises on a regular basis. By having offices in Scotland, England and Ireland, this also allows us to meet with any client face to face at a time and place which suits them. As we work remotely this removes the barrier of working 9-5 and means we can adapt to service clients in different time zones 


“As our service is predominately remote, its key to be a good communicator and thankfully this is one of my greatest strengths. I am definitely a people person, and I love catching up with clients to build and maintain meaningful relationships. I much prefer to jump on a Teams call and speak to the client face to face, virtually, rather than exchanging many emails.    

With VFF being such a unique service, it is important to clearly communicate to existing and potential clients the many ways we can help their business. VFF is a fully bespoke service, so getting to know their business goals and plans for the future is always needed and a part of the job I love the most.” 


“My communication skills also help in my day-to-day. I work closely with various teams across the business so its good to know I can rely on people for help and that they can do the same with me.  

It is a really strong and supportive culture at AAB. I hate when people think accountants are robots that work on spreadsheets all day! We’re a really sociable group of people here and its great to wind down with the team after a busy week and meet new faces at various events throughout the year.

There are a number of people in the team and in the firm undertaking professional exams and I enjoy mentoring them as it is not that long ago since I was in their shoes. It is really rewarding to see my colleagues progress through their exams to becoming fully qualified.”

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