In my operational role I have the opportunity to help many of the team at all levels of the business and across all divisions within the AAB Glasgow office and indeed across the wider AAB Group. It is very much a team culture at AAB and whilst my main focus is to support the AAB Glasgow office, I am fortunate to be in a position where I can help and support other teams, regardless of their location.


I am able to help the AAB Glasgow office by providing operational direction, organisation and facilitation for projects. I also work closely with the finance team where I assist with the financial reporting and budgeting requirements on a monthly and annual planning basis. I oversee an Administration and Finance team and assist the partners with the smooth running of the office, dealing with compliance matters and other key administrative matters.


Jackie White is our Operations Director, based in our Glasgow office. Her primary role is to ensure the Glasgow office runs smoothly and operational initiatives, improvements and projects are planned and implemented. Jackie also works with the entire team within the Glasgow office to ensure that administrative and operational requirements are met.  

In this varied role, Jackie works closely with the partners and directors across the business. She is a key member of the Central Scotland leadership team and supports them by taking care of the many operational aspects of running the Glasgow office. By taking care of this, Jackie helps give the client facing team time back to focus on delivering awesome service to their clients.  


“I really enjoy the fact that my role enables me to work with all departments and teams across the business. Having been part of the Glasgow team for years, my day-to-day tends to involve supporting this area of the business, however as the group has grown, and continues to grow, this has expanded across the Central Scotland team, and indeed the entire AAB group at times.” 

“My clients are the people within the business, and I help them deliver by providing direction, support and guidance on all things operations. It is great being in a position to support them.” 


“I have a determination to succeed in every task that I undertake. I am very loyal to the business and will always give 100% to whatever I am tasked to achieve. Whilst the variety of my role can be a challenge at times, it really keeps me engaged. Yes, having multiple larger-scale projects on the go at the same time brings time pressure, but it means I get the opportunity to work with more people across the growing AAB group and I am exposed to new areas too. I am also really organised, I am people focused and like to bring a structure to my projects which helps manage the challenges of this type of workload.”  


“Being results driven, it is great to see the achievements and enhancement of the group as a result of meeting their strategic objectives for growth. This makes me excited for the future of the AAB group and for my own career too. Being able to work with a larger team and seeing the opportunities that this creates is very rewarding.

I think this is enhanced by the approach we have taken to hybrid working across the business. Being able to adapt and utilise tech to help us achieve our ambitions as a business can only benefit the team and our individual ambitions too. Being able to work virtually can allow for group collaborations across offices, bringing a team of people together. Working directly with the teams “on the ground” can of course help with coaching and guiding others, providing feedback, observe challenges and development initiatives as they progress. The mix of both approaches means we’re all exposed to new areas, projects and people across the business.

All of the possibilities across AAB makes looking ahead to what’s next exciting.”  

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