People & Culture Manager 



All team members from all departments.  


I build strong relationships internally and externally with the key objective of supporting the development of our team members. My key areas of focus are Learning and Development, Early Careers Recruitment, Employee Relations, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Experience.


All departments across the AAB Group.  

Iain Abernethy is a Manager in our People & Integrations department. Based in Aberdeen, his role is all about people. He works with team members across the group, and this is something he particularly enjoys. He recruits talent into the business, particularly within early careers and supports individuals’ development and progression. Iain also has a key focus in the Learning and Development of our people and in recent years has been involved across all HR generalist areas.   

“aab has a genuinely CARING CULTURE.”

“The AAB culture and desire to do the best for our people is a perfect match for me, and I thrive in this developmental environment where I can bring new ideas to make incremental and positive changes to our business.  I go beyond what is expected in my ‘day job’ in identifying opportunities for the benefit of the wider business. 


“We are a growing business and to keep on our growth trajectory we need to continue to recruit and retain talent.  Within our sector there is a well-documented shortage of talent which makes it very competitive.  We meet this challenge head on by doing our best to be as attractive a group to work with as possible.  This attractiveness is based on career development, our benefits package and our culture.  However, we are not standing still as we continually challenge ourselves and scan the business world for new methods of strengthening our attractiveness to new and existing team members. 

Our people are my business and one of the greatest compliments that I’ve received was, “Iain is an individual with a unique mix of empathy, innovation, diligence, integrity, strong communication skills and a passion for the development of others.”

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