Companies ranging from Owner Managed Businesses to larger, private equity backed companies and large international groups.  


Audit. Compliance. Complex Accounting Assistance.  


Oil & Gas Services. Hospitality. Food & Drink. Retail. Facilities Management. 


Heather Brown is a Senior Manager within our Audit team. She works with a diverse portfolio of clients across the oil and gas, hospitality, food and drink, and retail sectors.  

Based in our Aberdeen office, Heather is primarily kept busy carrying out audit work, although she also supports her clients with advice on compliance requirements or complex accounting issues.  

Heather says her clients look to her for a high level of technical competence and responsiveness. And for peace of mind that any issues will be flagged up in plenty of time to be dealt with. 


“When I’m working with clients, it’s key to have trust and openness, and that has to work both ways. If we can get to that point, that’s when I can deliver the best service possible.   

I have to be responsive too. I would never say no to a client. If they tell me they need something tomorrow, I will work until midnight if I have to – just to get the job done. Even if it’s something last minute, I will do what I can to meet the deadline. I don’t want to let anyone down.” 


“There’s so much I enjoy about my work. With colleagues, it means so much that we can help each other and act as a sounding board. When there’s someone else you can just bounce ideas off, it makes such a difference. We’re all in the same boat. All busy and all working hard to deliver an excellent service, so that support goes a long way.  

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in our team and the more experienced Directors and Partners are all willing to offer assistance when required – we are able to constantly learn and develop. But I probably get the biggest buzz from turning work around and providing the answers my clients need. Especially if it’s something very complex or out of the ordinary.”  


“Our audit software is cloud-based, and across the business we’re really good at advancing the technology that we use. That means it’s easier than ever to work remotely, which has huge advantages for us and our clients.  

However, for me, nothing will ever replace being able to meet with clients face-to-face. Especially at the start of a relationship. In terms of audit, I also think it’s good to be able to get on site to interact in person. I guess at the end of the day, it’s just about getting the balance right.”  


“One of the greatest challenges for me is that many of my clients have similar reporting timeframes. Often, they can’t deliver what I need on time – and then everyone delivers at once! So it’s a constant juggling act to ensure that it all gets done.  

Luckily, I’m very organised and always know exactly what stage I’m at with everything. If I plan in advance and have adequate communication channels in place, I can manage everyone’s expectations. Again, it all just comes back to communication and those strong relationships.”  

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