Corporate Finance Manager


Who I help

Business owners, CEOs, Management Teams, Private Equity Investors, Banks and Lenders.

How I help

Mergers, Acquisitions, Disposals, Trade Sales, Management Buy-Outs. Business Strategy. Business Valuations. Financial Projections. Due Diligence processes.

“I aim to foster & deliver a holistic advisory service for clients.”

Harris Jones is a Corporate Finance Manager based in our Leeds Office. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting a diverse range of clients across a variety of transactions. From mergers & acquisitions to Disposals to PE Investments. Harris prides himself on ensuring he delivers for clients a high-quality service.

As a Corporate Finance Manager Harris acts as a key point of contact in transaction projects. He aims to create a smooth transaction delivery. How does he do that? He builds strong relationships with key project stakeholders, works to agreed timescales and ensures regular prompt communication throughout a project.

“Dictum Meum Pactum”

Integrity and professionalism are characteristics which I hold myself very highly to, resonating with the motto for both the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) & the London Stock Exchange: “Dictum Meum Pactum”. This translates to ‘my word is my bond.’ Clients are always my first priority regardless of size, industry, sector or our own capacity, every single one is treated with the same attention to detail and given the best advice and experience possible.

An opportunity to learn from our clients

“I’m in a fortunate position in my role- in that I get the chance to work with market and industry-leading businesses. This helps me to deliver a better service because I’m able to glean insights and learn from the companies that I work with. It’s great getting to know the businesses and the people behind them.

Our clients want to know that we understand their business, goals, people, but most importantly their industry, and their competitors. Because of our fortunate market position, we are best placed to advise clients on the market and potential buyers and associated companies who might be interested in a transaction.”

Facilitating key moments in the business journey

“What we’re doing is exciting to me. We’re potentially advising business owners on transactions that will change their business and could change their lives. The transaction we’re supporting might be their career highlight to date. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to get that goal or highlight over the line for them and see the impact it’s had.”

Experts in every location

“Being part of AAB is great because across our locations we have experts in our different service lines and a wealth of knowledge and experience. There are multiple areas of expertise within AAB and It’s fantastic to be able to bring that all together and work alongside other teams to provide the most value for our clients.

AAB is a firm that places such a high importance on people – both the people that make up our teams and the people that we’re supporting. It is great to be part of a firm like this”

Never deviate from the goal

“I love getting the opportunity to meet clients face to face. I believe there’s so much value we can gain from sitting across a table or just being physically in a room with a client that we might not get virtually. It helps us to build those all-important relationships with key project stakeholders when we’re face-to-face.

Technology, however, equally plays an important part. I’m excited about growing AAB’s presence here in Leeds and even though I’m not in the office with some of my CF colleagues we’re still able to effectively work together. Whereas 10 years ago that might have been a barrier it’s not now.  Being tech-enabled means, we can deliver a market-leading service for our clients no matter where they are in the world. opening the door for more clients to utilise our services. No matter what medium we use our goal never changes- we want to deliver value for every client and provide a high-quality service.”