Corporate Finance Manager



SMEs as well as some larger corporations.


Business Advisory. Mergers and acquisitions. Financial diligence. Fundraising projections. Strategy development. Valuations.


Oilfield services. Energy. Food & Drink. Construction & Property. 


Greg Morrison is a Manager in our Corporate Finance team. Based in our Aberdeen office, Greg is heavily involved in the facilitation of due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic development. His experience of working with businesses of various sizes, including smaller entities as well as large corporates, across various industries, means he is able to tailor solutions and advice to individual cases and scenarios while supporting clients through a variety of strategic moves. 


“Clients expect a lot from us, but we can deliver a lot. We’re dedicated, hard-working, and frankly we are excellent at what we do. It isn’t often that a client asks us for something that we can’t deliver, and I would put that down to the experienced and knowledgeable team we have here at AAB.  

It’s important that we have an ongoing open and honest dialogue with clients about project progress, we’re honest about the time frames in which things are possible. I feel this aids the development of our client relationships and builds trust, which is ultimately what we try to do with all our clients.” 


“I feel really lucky to be a part of this team, as I’m able to learn from people with 20+ years’ experience and knowledge in Corporate Finance – they’ve seen it all, and they’re always open to run things by, and are there to answer any questions and queries I might have. Everyone from the Partners to the new graduates knows their role and loves being a part of this team. 

It’s really satisfying, being able to help colleagues, and it’s great knowing I can go to them for help at any time too. Probably the most rewarding aspect of our work is when we get to the end of delivering a successful transaction or fundraiser, and the client is happy with the outcome and giving us really positive feedback.” 


“I always prefer the hands-on route when it comes to communicating, so getting in front of people meeting people one on one is always my preference. I’m really glad we’re about to do that again. The great thing about being fully tech enabled though, is that we have options. We can always pick up the phone, set up a Teams call, a Zoom call, whatever it may be. So, having that mix is great because it allows everyone the options to handle things according to their preference and other relevant factors.” 


“Something I’ve noticed during my time in Corporate Finance is that no two projects are the same, no two businesses are the same, and no two transactions are the same. Every project we come across is different, which means that there’s no exact structure or copied and pasted formula to assist everyone.  

This obviously means each new project is a new challenge, but that’s part of what keeps the work so engaging and interesting – you learn something new every time. More often than not, you need to think on your feet, rather than apply the same rule or piece of advice to any given scenario, you have to apply the knowledge and experience and adapt to what’s in front of you.” 


“My greatest strengths are probably my hard work and determination. I’m relatively new to Corporate Finance, so of course I’m learning every day. But I’m dedicated, and determined to learn as much as I can, and gain as much experience as I can. I’m also a great team player. I love the team I work in, and it’s a fantastic environment to develop in and contribute to.” 

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