Corporate Finance Senior Manager



Owner-Managed Businesses. SMEs. Lenders. Investors. Grant applicants of all sizes.


Business Sale Processes. Deal Management Services. Due Diligence. Business Planning & Forecasting. Fundraising.


Industrial. Leisure & Hospitality. Contact Centre. Business Outsourcing. IT & Software Services.


Graeme Smith is a Senior Manager within the Corporate Finance Team based in our Glasgow office. Graeme operates across all aspects of the traditional corporate finance service lines including business sale processes, deal management services, due diligence, business planning and forecasting, and fundraising.  He has a particular specialism within the public sector grants arena supporting clients both applying for grants and certifying claims thus allowing to draw down funding.

His role also involves the ongoing management of assignments liaising with all stakeholders and ensuring that clients receive the best possible advice.

Mutual goals

“My ideal relationship with a client is one where we effectively operate as a partnership, being open and honest with each other with a view to achieve the client’s expected goals, after they have taken on board our initial and ongoing professional advice.

Clients expect me to always have their best interests at the front of my mind.  During a transaction such as a business sale process, it is important to outline all the various alternative options open to them and explain throughout the deal process, acting as a sounding board for clients and providing commercial and pragmatic advice.”

Driven to succeed

“For me, the most satisfying part of dealing with clients is working closely together with them to help them ultimately to achieve their aims whether that be the sale of a business, securing finance or more generally just helping them to best position their business for the future.  In terms of working with colleagues, it is the establishment of a common goal to deliver a high quality service and achieve client satisfaction, whilst always ensuring that the workplace is an enjoyable environment.”

Becoming the adviser of choice

“One of the greatest challenges in our area is the requirement to continually win work as we rarely have a recurring client base.  The key to keeping AAB ahead of its competitors is the maintenance of key relationships and the continued output of high-quality work, ensuring that we are the adviser of choice in the market.  The breadth of service we offer across the teams also allows us to provide a wide variety of bespoke services to clients.  The demand for any one service stream will vary according to underlying economic cycles but we are extremely well-equipped to offer alternative services to best meet clients’ needs at that time.”

Positive feedback

“I’m always delighted to see positive feedback from clients. The vast majority of clients are extremely grateful for the work undertaken for them, as typically it involves the raising of finance, the sale of their business or the establishment of a robust plan moving forward.  “We wouldn’t be able to exit our business and enjoy our retirement without your help” was a particularly pleasing compliment from one of my clients.”

A comprehensive service

“Without an ongoing flow of clients, we simply would not have a business.  It is vital that we keep their best interests at the forefront of our minds and ensure that they receive the best advice and service at all times.  We should always recognise that there is a wealth of experience across the AAB Group, and it is important to tap into that pool of knowledge to provide a comprehensive wrap-around service to our clients.”

Forward thinking

“I look forward to building strong, positive relationships within the wider AAB Group (which is continually in expansion mode) and working with the extremely talented people across the business.  AAB has a keen eye on opportunities in the market and I am really excited for the adoption of tech-enabled solutions going forward.”

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