Small family-owned businesses across the North and South of Ireland.


Providing value through audit and assurance services and preparation of statutory accounts.


All sectors.


Georgina McMullan is an Audit Manager based in our Ireland office. Her role involves carrying out audits, as well as doing small account preparation jobs. As a manager, Georgina also assists with training junior staff in their learning and development.

Building strong relationships

“An ideal relationship with a client is one based on trust, open communication, professionalism, collaboration and ultimately for the client, quality services that make a positive impact.

All of my clients are unique. Each has slightly varying expectations depending on the nature or size of their business. However, ultimately, they all share similar expectations, to have clear and concise communication; a strong relationship built on trust; efficiency and timeliness of work; and most importantly, clever insights.”

Supporting the success of my clients and colleagues

“The most satisfying aspect of working with clients is simply when my work contributes to successful outcomes for the client. This could involve identifying issues, recommending improvements to internal controls, or helping clients achieve regulatory requirements.

Another satisfying aspect of my role is helping others and passing my skills to future talent. It’s rewarding to see not only juniors within the firm develop and grow but also others around you continue to develop and progress further up the organisation.

Being approachable and always willing to help others are probably my greatest strengths. From working in the retail industry as a teenager and being captain of the local hockey team, to dealing with clients in the boardroom – I believe, regardless of the situation, being organised and having great people skills can never not stand by you.”

Questioning the status quo

“As an auditor, I look to challenge the status quo and I am not afraid to question established norms and processes. I also strive to be proactive in problem-solving – tackling challenges head on to find solutions. In my role, it’s important to be assertive to ensure we are able to deliver the best possible service with confidence and take the initiative to seek out opportunities that makes a lasting impact.”

Not forgetting the personal touch

“The ability to operate virtually has its pros, such as streamlining processes and making it possible to virtually meet clients with ease and convenience. For me, however, nothing beats getting out and working face to face with clients. Being there in person adds a personal touch and I feel it sustains a stronger and more trusting relationship.”

A feeling of unity

“Our core value of “we have an ethos of positivity, enthusiasm and fun” is one I truly believe the AAB Group strives to implement within the firm. Whether it’s through team bonding events or monthly team gatherings over food – the list is endless. By embracing this ethos, it has changed my approach to work as it fosters motivation, resilience, and creativity.
In addition, having the access to wider support means the team can always ask one another for their take on how to approach difficult questions as well as continually learning from colleagues.”

Breaking the stigma

“The classic stereotype of an auditor is that we aim to find mistakes that clients have made, but in fact we are here to provide reassurance that their accounts are correct to avoid fines and to help improve their processes. Our overall aim is to make our client’s life easier and allow them to focus their time on running the business.

When the job is complete, and the client says they look forward to seeing you next year, I think that’s a great achievement. It really shows that we’re here to add value and bring a commercial mindset to our clients, not to find faults.”

Excited for what the future holds

“The group is growing rapidly which only creates a wider range of areas and specialisms that everyone can dip into. The world is our oyster within the group and I’m excited about the opportunities that will arise for me as I continue to develop in my own career.”