Audit Assistant Manager



Not for profit organisations. SMEs. Medium and large corporates.


Audit & Assurance.


Universities, Charities, Technology services, manufacturing, retail, property investment companies.


George Appleyard is an Audit Assistant Manager based in our Edinburgh office. George is the main point of contact for his clients, and he specialises in the use of data analytics, leading on how we can implement this technology into the work we deliver to provide an even better understanding of our clients. George also leads the audit team on the ground, identifying findings that will add value to our clients.  Training is at the heart of what George does in developing the audit team to be prepared for an ever-changing environment.


“Personally, I think an ideal relationship is built on transparency, and open communication so that we can understand the unique challenges that our clients might face. We aim to ensure our clients know that they can come to us with any concerns have peace of mind that we are here to help.

Clients expect me to have an in-depth understanding of their organisation and be on hand at any time to provide advice and insights into what they are encountering. For audits in particular, clients want the process to be seamless and not disrupt the running of their business, and to gain valued insights from our findings.”


“I enjoy challenging conventional audit practices using data analytics and innovative tools. My adaptability and commitment to clients drive me to address any issues that arise. With confidence, I contribute effectively to any task at hand.

One of the main challenges I face is staying current with future technological and regulatory changes. As a result, I focus on keeping up to date with upcoming changes and proactively communicating how these might affect my clients.


“AAB’s superpower is collaboration. It fuels excellence, drives innovation, and ensures a client-centric approach. I feel I’m embedded in this ecosystem and there is collective knowledge that I can tap into at any moment. It allows me to plan our delivery to clients not just for the work I’m doing but for the wider services they receive.

Having such a strong network of experienced team members fosters learning. Sharing knowledge and encouraging individual development within the team creates a strong sense of community. Celebrating successes—whether exams or client achievements—is a constant joy. I’m enthusiastic about my opportunities for growth and I look forward to encountering new challenges.”


“The service we provide is tailored to each situation and it is essential that I can adapt to meet my clients’ needs. In-person interactions offer a great opportunity to have an open discussion and get the greatest understanding of a client’s issues and requirements that I can act on. However, I appreciate that having a virtual option allows us to streamline our services to fit clients’ needs.

There is a sense that we are becoming a trailblazer in the industry and not just adapting to changes but driving them, the chance to be a part of this and have a client-focused and close-knit team spirit is very exciting.”


“Precision matters and my attention to detail forms the foundations of trust with our clients. I strive to be at the forefront of this and always seek to dissect what our findings tell us to identify trends, assess risks, and optimise processes. By embracing technology as an enabler, I use my expertise to delve into data analytics and boost the efficiency and precision of our findings, which ultimately drives informed decision-making and amplifies our impact.”


“I am passionate about going above and beyond my clients’ expectations. One of the greatest compliments I received from helping my client to overcome deadline struggles that they had experienced in the past was that “my diligent and pragmatic efforts to get us in a position to file on time was exceptional.” Over and above this we were able to provide in-depth feedback which they were extremely pleased with.”


“Often auditing is perceived as being under-appreciated and unsociable. However, we play an integral part in maintaining the public’s trust and stability for all our clients and this results in a balancing act between client satisfaction and integrity. Being able to get that balance right gives us great satisfaction in knowing that we are providing an essential service that our clients couldn’t do without.”

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