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Fiona Sewell is a Senior Manager of our Audit team. Based in Aberdeen, her work spans just about every sector imaginable, and for clients that range from small owner managed businesses to charities and housing associations, right through to global groups.  

As well as carrying out audits, Fiona often finds herself helping clients with grant claims or even working out royalty payments. Whatever the task, she gets great satisfaction from being a reliable pair of hands who always gets the job done – meeting or often exceeding her clients’ expectations.   


“I’m always surprised when people say that being an auditor must be boring. Of course, a lot of it is about repeating standard testing, checking that accounting standards have been followed and focusing on the detail. But actually, it couldn’t be more varied or fascinating.  

I get to see how clients work across many different sectors. I work with companies the length and breadth of the country and beyond – think Aberdeen, the Shetland Isles, even Dubai. Every set of accounts I produce is unique. I see all the different challenges my clients face. And I work with so many interesting people. It’s anything but boring!” 


“No matter who I’m working with, being honest with each other is the key to success. Sure, it’s my job to question things, be sceptical about the answers and challenge my clients. But at the end of the day, we’re both working towards the same goal – whether that’s getting the accounts signed off or completing a financial report. When the working relationship is open and honest, that’s when the process is least painful, and the audit can be carried out quickly and efficiently. And let’s face it, there’s not much point in trying to hide anything significant – because it always comes to light in the end!”  


“AAB is a company that never stands still. And that’s especially true when it comes to technology. We’re always thinking of innovative ways that we can improve our audit process – to make life easier for the team and our clients. I’m proud to have played a lead role in helping us move onto software like CaseWare SmartSync which is revolutionising the way we work. It means files can be saved and accessed in the cloud instead of via our office servers, so everything I need is available, no matter where I am.” 


“I understand that nobody looks forward to having an audit – and I don’t take that personally. Clients are often worried about me finding mistakes. But everyone’s human and it’s easy to make a mistake from time-to-time. My job is to spot them when they do happen – and then I can help to put them right. 

So, when an audit comes around, what I try to do is make the whole process as easy and straightforward as possible. And give my clients the confidence that the numbers are right, and nothing has been missed. And then once the audit is done, they can get back to the most important task of all – focussing on their day job.” 

  • Commercially driven tax and financial advice provided by people who understand my business and who care about its success. A dedicated partner led team of real advisors with real commercial focus.

    Derek Smith, Maritime Developments Limited

  • Having AAB as our business partners gives me peace of mind as they listen, participate and work with us to ensure our goals are achieved.

    Gillian Irvine, NorDan

  • AAB deliver on time, every time and respond promptly to my queries and needs. I would, and have, recommended AAB to businesses who have since joined them.

    Graham Mackie, Dales Engineering Services Limited