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“Delivering a gold standard at all times.”

Finlay McColm is an Audit Assistant Manager. Based in our Edinburgh office he ensures a smooth delivery and audit service for his clients. Finlay prides himself on going the extra mile to deliver a high-quality audit that adds value and provides his clients with insights and advice they can utilise to progress their business.

Finlay got his first experience working at AAB in 2019 as an audit intern. He has since then worked his way up through our audit team to his role of Assistant Manager. In this role Finlay is able to give back and support in the career journeys of junior members of the team in the same way others supported him.

Utilising expertise across the group

“Through an efficient and high-quality audit, we’re able to add value for our clients. For me, this is the most important part. At the end of the audit process, I want to be able to clearly see where I’ve added value for our clients, where I’ve provided them with insights that will genuinely help them as well.

There’s a stigma around audits that they are just requirements, and we are just the people tasked with completing them. I don’t believe that’s true. Through our audits we’re able to provide additional services and support our clients with the expertise of our growing group who are more than happy to help where they can.”

Understanding our different clients

“Getting to know clients and their businesses is really important to me. Every client has their own story and their own challenges. Even when we’re supporting clients in the same industry or that are very similar, they have unique and key identifiers that make them different. It’s those differences that have helped them excel in their fields and get to where they are today. Drawing from these stories and the expertise our clients have helps me to best understand their problems and how I can help them to over come them.”

Help & support from others in the group

“I’m in a very fortunate position that I work with and have the opportunity to learn from extremely talented individuals every single day. It’s something we place a big importance on- sharing knowledge and experience across the group. Being able to go to more experienced colleagues and ask questions about anything I’m not sure about and knowing they’ll take the time to help me is second to none. It gives me confidence in my ability to deliver a high-quality audit. Being part of such a strong audit department challenges me to be at my best and deliver the gold standard at all times.”

Hands-on cannot be replaced

“Using the most advanced technology available has enabled AAB to become a modern and progressive firm that never shies away from technological advancements that can be used to help clients.

However, technology must be used as a tool to solve problems and not the solution to problems. AAB’s greatest asset is our people. Being a tech-enabled business provides us with the tools to perform the highest of quality work whilst maintaining great personal client relations.”

Exploring new regions & creating opportunities

“Working alongside industry experts gives me the confidence that the AAB Group will continue to expand and produce the highest quality of work for our clients. Creating an exciting culture, AAB is laying the groundwork for future success and continued growth.

With continued growth the potential opportunities to work with clients based around the UK and worldwide will create opportunities to work with new people that would never have been possible a number of years ago.”

Our people are the key to our delivery

“In a professional services firm, our most important commodity that we trade in is our time and knowledge. Without quality people with extensive knowledge and experience we would not be able to deliver on our group values. Having this as a group value gives me confidence that AAB is committed more than ever to investing in us, ensuring we are in the best possible position to help clients.”