Clients ranging from SMEs through to large corporates and international groups.


Audit and assurance services.


Manufacturing. Engineering. Recruitment. Retail. Haulage and Cold Storage etc.


Emma McGeary is a Senior Manager within our dedicated Audit team. Emma’s portfolio of audit assignments is broad and varied, ranging from owner managed businesses to larger groups with international subsidiaries and from a wide range of sectors including manufacturing and engineering.

Getting involved in the development of everyone on the team, Emma is passionate about training more junior members of staff in particular.

Shared success

“In my view, an ideal client relationship is one with good understanding, open communication, and mutual respect. It’s important that the client feels that they are valued and supported.

Clients rely on me to use my experience and expertise to provide high quality solutions, meet their deadlines and maintain confidentiality. They expect to be able to trust me to understand their needs and deliver outcomes that contribute to their success. Ultimately, I believe clients expect me to care about their business as much as they do.

I’d say the most satisfying aspect of working with clients is not just providing the service they require, but adding value and offering solutions to issues they hadn’t previously considered. Which ultimately helps to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and effective communication.”

The challenges

“Some of the greatest challenges in the audit sector at present include increase regulatory scrutiny, evolving technology, and data complexity, as well as the challenges around employee retention. At AAB, we respond to these challenges by continuing to invest in the latest technology and software, enhanced training programs and a focus on ongoing professional development of our team. We have an ethos of positivity, enthusiasm and fun, which really helps us to attract the best talent to the AAB team.”

Respect & trust

“It is our range of skills, backgrounds, interests, and approaches that makes us strong. We challenge our assumptions, welcome different perspectives, and celebrate variety.

Life at AAB is all about respect and trust. This filters through all relationships with both our colleagues and our clients. We recognise that one person’s weakness is another person’s strength, and we use that to both our advantage and our client’s advantage to provide the highest quality service. We are always open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Every opinion counts!”

A people person

“I believe my strengths are my positive attitude and openness to change – I think these qualities are really important in a growing and evolving business. I would also say I am a “people-person” – I love making new connections with both colleagues and clients and developing those relationships to make AAB a better place to work and to service the needs of our clients.”

Breaking the stigma

“There’s a stereotype with auditors that we’re just there to catch people out or find problems. But I’m confident that if you have AAB as your auditors, we will change your perception. We’re there to provide peace of mind and clarity.

I love when I work with a client and they say, “you’re not the type of person I expected to be an auditor!”. I like to think I break the stereotype that accountants or auditors are boring.”

New opportunities

“I’m excited about the growth plans of the AAB group and the potential for new opportunities and collaboration that comes with that. AAB recognise that to provide their clients with the best service, we must look after our employees and always have the wider community in mind. Life at AAB is about the bigger picture, not just the result. So, I’m confident that I’ll continue to have an exciting and fulfilling career at AAB.”