Who I help 

Executors of death estates. 

How I help

Guiding executors of death estates through the process. Inheritance tax. Trust advice. Tax compliance. Inheritance tax reviews. Disclosures for trustees. 


Works with the AAB Wealth team.

“Extending compassion & understanding both ways makes for a great relationship in my area of work.”

Emily Harrison is a Manager within our dedicated Private Client department, specialising in trust and estate work. Executors of death estates who are looking for someone to guide them through the administration process can rely on Emily to assist with any Inheritance tax obligations, and to support them through that difficult time by taking control of the Inheritance tax and estate administration tasks, relieving them of this not insignificant burden. 

She deals with trust advice, including advising on the taxation implications of setting up a trust, taxation compliance requirements during the lifetime of the trust, and advising on closing trusts as appropriate. Emily also helps trustees who would like tax advice at any stage of the trust lifespan, and has also dealt with disclosures for trustees who have not previously met their obligations and wish to correct the position with HMRC.

In undertaking Inheritance Tax reviews for clients, Emily looks at their estate as a whole and their requirements for their lifetime, advising accordingly to make sure their estate is as inheritance tax efficient as possible, whilst meeting their wishes to provide for their loved ones as appropriate.

Emily supports all her clients throughout the process, aiming to explain everything thoroughly, in a clear and easy-to-understand way. As part of the Private Client tax team, the Trusts and Estates team, and the Inheritance Tax Planning team, Emily also works with the AAB Wealth team where needed to ensure that the most suitable solutions for each client’s unique circumstances are provided.


 “I believe trust is very important in a client relationship. Extending compassion and understanding both ways makes for a great relationship in my area of work. I want my clients to know that they can always rely on me and that I’ll always be on the other end of the phone if they need anything, whether that’s the answer to a query or simply reassurance that everything is in hand.”


“For me, being able to assist someone in finding a solution to a problem they have is hugely satisfying, whether that is assisting a colleague with a query they have, or agreeing a settlement figure with HMRC. I enjoy getting to know clients and building a trusted relationship with them throughout the engagement.”


“One of the AAB Group Values is that “we respect and trust each other.”  One of the things that really drew me to AAB was how they value the input from all team members, no matter their level or job role. This was clear from the way their interview process was run, and this really helps the team work together and communicate well, enabling us all to ensure that the service provided is the best it can be – from seeking support from other team members where needed, and knowing who to approach for specialist assistance, this really helps to provide a great experience for our clients.”


“When it comes to communication with clients (and colleagues!) I feel that both the virtual and ‘hands-on’ routes have their own benefits. Whilst there’s a lot to be said for meeting face to face, being able to work virtually can often make things more efficient, and enable people to deal with matters at a time more convenient to them.”


“A client recently said to me: “It has been a real pleasure working with you and I thought you struck just the right balance between friendliness and professionalism” which I was delighted to hear, as that’s what I always strive for.”