Audit Assistant Manager


Who I help

Owner Managed Business. Large Corporates. International Groups.

How I help

External audit and assurance services. Statutory accounts preparation

Sectors/ support

Oilfield Services. Energy & Renewables. Shipping. Technology. Food & Drink

“I tackle challenges head-on”.

Deimante Kuncyte is an Audit Assistant Manager. Based in our Edinburgh office she oversees audit engagements. This involves ensuring compliance with regulations and managing the teams working on various audit engagements.

What does this look like? Planning the audit engagements, executing the audit and managing timelines and deadlines throughout the audit. Reviewing the audit documentation and being the clients point of contact, alongside helping and coaching junior members through the audit process.

Three key elements

“My three essentials for an effective and efficient audit outcome are communication, trust and collaboration. Clear and transparent communication is essential at every stage of the audit but especially initially so we can ensure the purpose and objective of the audit are well understood by all parties. Proactively addressing concerns and having an open line of communication with the client helps to build trust and deliver a high-quality service.

When we conduct an audit, whether that’s on-site or virtually collaboration is a really important element. The team conducting the audit have to be aligned in our delivery, aware of deadlines and work together to deliver a high-quality audit that adds value. At the same time, we’re collaborating with our clients to try and add value and provide them with best practice, knowledge and advice that helps them to achieve their goals.”

Delivering what’s expected

“Our professional competence is what attracts clients to AAB, however beyond that clients expect that they’ll receive a reliable service and that we’ll meet our agreed deadlines and commitments ensuring a smooth engagement process from the start to finish.

It’s really important to me that I’m adaptable to each client as each individual has various needs and requirements that I will need to tailor my skill set for their specific businesses. Another important element involves really getting to know their business so I can understand their unique needs, goals, and their business as a whole. When I have this base understanding I’m able to go beyond identifying the issues for clients and delivering an audit with personalised solutions tailored to my clients’ reporting and audit objectives, empowering them to navigate challenges effectively and achieve their desired outcomes with confidence.”

Beyond professional collaboration

“The most fulfilling part of working with audit colleagues is the friendship that goes beyond professional collaboration—we’re not just colleagues; we’re friends in a great team. Together, we share knowledge, solve problems, and celebrate successes, creating a positive work environment.

Our diverse perspectives enrich the audit process, and the supportive culture feels like we’re more than just coworkers. Mentorship and learning from each other create a sense of shared growth, and effective communication which strengthens our bond. The combination of friendship, teamwork, and mutual support makes the audit experience truly satisfying.”

Not afraid of a challenge

“This manifests in a proactive and determined attitude. I tackle challenges head-on, unafraid to question the status quo. My feisty nature fuels my enthusiasm and tenacity in pursuing goals. I thrive on challenges, embracing them as opportunities for growth and innovation. The disruptive culture I embody fosters creative thinking and encourages me to continuously seek better solutions. I am driven to push boundaries and make meaningful contributions to driving positive change in my workplace.

While assertiveness drives progress, feistiness adds passion, and disruption promotes innovation, collectively shaping an approach that thrives on impactful and transformative work. This dynamic work style aligns with the company’s reputation, emphasizing adaptability, innovation, and a results-driven focus to thrive in the disruptive and assertive environment.”

Audits that provide confidence

“The greatest compliment a client has paid to me and the rest of the audit team is that they trust on our audits completely; our precision brings confidence to their financial reporting and that their experience of working with AAB it completely changed their outlook on auditors.  The auditor’s transparency and responsiveness made the client feel supported and informed throughout the process, turning a complex audit into a seamless collaboration.”