Business Advisory Services Assistant Manager 



Owner managed businesses. Family businesses. SMEs. Sole trader or limited companies. LLPs.


Prepare management accounts. Business advisory. Train clients on QuickBooks or Xero. Bookkeeping assistance.


Various sectors, including manufacturing businesses, lawyers, sports facilities.  

“the better you know your clients, the better you can help them.”

Deborah Blackburn is an Assistant Manager within our Business Advisory Services team. Based in our Glasgow office, Deborah works with a broad range of businesses from a variety of sectors, preparing management accounts and providing bookkeeping assistance.  

clients can always reach out to me

“There are quite a few clients that I’ve worked with for a number of years, so I know them quite well and they know they can easily reach out to me and I’ll always be there to answer any query they might have. I find that the better you know your clients, the better you can help them.” 

improving people’s lives

“The most satisfying part of my work is when you know you’ve really helped a client; when you know you’ve given them helpful solutions, and genuinely improved their life in some way by helping them with their business. Even when it’s just answering their question or giving them advice on a relatively small matter, if you know you’ve helped them out in some way going forward, it’s a great feeling.” 

no such thing as a silly question

“I’m grateful that my clients know they can approach me with any question they might have, even if it feels insignificant or trivial at the time, they know there’s no such thing as a silly question with me. They never need to be stuck with a worry, or feeling like it doesn’t matter, because I’m approachable and will always do my best to answer any question and help in any way.” 

easier & more efficient

“I think there are some cases where it’s definitely more beneficial to phone a client or go out and speak to them in person, because on some issues there can be a lot of back and forth via email with little resolution, so it’s good to be able to judge when that’s the case.  

I think there are some things you can’t really get from a screen or emails too, but new methods of communication definitely make certain things easier, and can make communication more efficient. 

A major benefit to being tech enabled is that with Cloud accounting software, I can easily log into clients’ Quickbooks and Xero and see directly what they’re looking at or referring to if they have an issue, which is a lot easier and more efficient that waiting on the backup.” 

Our hard work & dedication

“It’s great when clients are appreciative of the work we do, as individuals and also as a team; we’ve had some really nice compliments and feedback which is always a plus. It’s great to get that recognition for hard work and dedication.” 

More opportunities

“I am excited about my own future at AAB, especially as the firm is in a stage of such rapid growth. This means more opportunities to meet people, more opportunities to learn new things, and the chance to work with an even broader client base.”

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