Any and all kinds of business. 




Mostly GETS within the IES Team. 

Debbie Barker is a Payroll Manager within the GM Payroll Team.  

Based in our Edinburgh office, Debbie works extensively to ensure that clients’ payroll is produced accurately and on time. Debbie’s aim is to work together with clients to understand completely their needs and requirements, and to give support to both the team and to clients. 


“Besides being able to produce their payroll with accuracy and timeliness, clients expect two things from me: confidence and flexibility. They know that they can trust me completely to understand all of the different processes, and they know I can offer them flexibility wherever they might need it. Knowing that both clients and colleagues can expect these things from me means everyone feels supported, and they know they can rely on me.” 


“The greatest challenge in Payroll is simply ensuring that you deliver exactly what you said you would, when you said you would. Making certain I stick to my word in this way that can be tricky at particularly busy times or with particularly difficult cases, but it is absolutely key to keeping the trust in my relationships with clients.” 


“One of the things I love most about Payroll is how different each client and each case is. Each one has different needs, and we need to assess each one individually. Discovering these unique needs takes clear communication, understanding, and trust. Clients trust that I know what I’m doing, and I trust them to understand that Payroll is not a case of simply ‘pushing a button and it’s done’! The fact that no two cases are the same does, of course, mean that it’s more challenging, but it’s also what makes it more interesting and engaging.” 


“One of the great things about working at AAB is how daring we are. We’re always pushing and working to be more, to do more – AAB isn’t afraid to push boundaries, and certainly doesn’t allow itself to be confined by norms or rules that no longer serve much purpose. We’re ahead of the curve. And our rapid expansion means more opportunities to meet new people, work with colleagues with new specialist areas and areas of expertise, and meet a wider range of clients. It’s a very exciting time to be a part of the Group.

I think we’re brave at AAB. We’re always striving to improve, never static. We’re proactive too – always seeking out partners in new areas of the world, rather than waiting until we need them.  

Our culture makes us question. Is there a better way to do this? Is there a more efficient way? A more technology-driven way?”

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