Business Advisory Manager



Owner-managed businesses. High-potential start-ups. Large limited companies.


Providing business advisory and internal finance function expertise and support to clients.


Construction & Property. Energy. Food & Drink. Technology.


Conor Curran is a Business Advisory Manager, based in Dublin. Conor manages a team of accountants in both the Business Advisory and Virtual Finance Function teams. His role focuses on improving efficiencies around monthly reporting processes, offering assurance, prompt solutions and unwavering support to all of his clients.

With his position allowing Conor to act as a key point of contact for clients, it also requires him to guide business-owners around some of the challenges that running a business can bring. His role is underpinned by ensuring clients remain legally compliant in line with best practices and by striving for excellence with the service that he delivers.

Conor works with businesses of varying size and scale from several different industries. Despite this variety, many businesses encounter similar issues and as a team, Conor always aims to ensure these issues are met with best-in-class service.


“I would define an ideal relationship as one built on honesty, where the client has full belief in the integrity of our service and our people. We provide an extensive suite of services and it’s important that clients feel they can approach us about any challenge confident in the knowledge that we’ll have the solution they need.

I aim to ensure clients realise from our first meeting that the support they will receive from us is all-encompassing, best-in-class and unwavering in nature. Understanding their story and the driving force behind what they do is the key to enhancing a professional relationship and I make a point of doing so with all my clients.”


“Business owners approach us with the expectation of gaining prompt access to finance professionals, expert advice and clear guidance that will help them to drive their business forward. Our clients are the lifeblood of our work which is why it’s so important that their expectations are constantly met, with a drive to exceed beyond these expectations on our behalf.

I love to hear the story behind their ambitions, and I love to see them succeed. It’s great to see someone reach an end goal but it’s even better knowing what has driven them to do so. I believe this enhances any existing relationship, creating a synergy that supports success.”


“As a manager working in both Business Advisory and Virtual Finance Function service lines, I feel it’s critically important to pursue the virtual route when working with clients. I believe it can offer more timely accessibility for clients to our services and reduce response time significantly. That said, some of my clients prefer a ‘hands-on’ approach to their business and ultimately, they help shape the approach we take. As finance professionals, it’s important to be adaptable and resilient – no more so than when it comes to working practices.”


“I think the perception of the profession is changing for the better. Faster, more tech-savvy and dynamic solutions are available and as finance professionals, we need to embody this. We must compile tailored and efficient solutions on a case-by-case basis to meet our clients’ needs. To do so, keeping up-to-date with developments in the latest technologies and ensuring they are readily accessible is essential.

The Group’s Virtual Finance Function allows me to bring my learnings and experience from previous industry roles to clients who require a more holistic approach to their finance function. This role dictates that I become part of a business’ finance function, engraining myself and our service into a client’s work practices and cultures. This can bring many challenges but a great sense of accomplishment when our service drives positive change and development within an organisation.”