Who I help

Large Corporates, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Not for Profit Organisations and Charities

How I help

Audit & Assurance. Statutory Accounts Preparation

Sectors/ Support

Professional Services, Industrial, Food and Drink, Leisure,  Retail & Hospitality

“I want to grow alongside the firm.”

Calum Steele is an Audit Assistant Manager. Based in our Glasgow office, Calum has found that no two days are often the same- a fact that he loves.

A lot of his role involves conducting audit fieldwork on a variety of clients. To him, it doesn’t matter that he’s often helping clients in different industries, his objective never changes – he is always trying to provide an audit services that was as seamless, efficient and rewarding as possible from start to finish.

Alongside delivering an audit that adds value for clients. Calum helps to coach and develop junior members of the team, reviewing their work and providing constructive feedback and guidance to help them progress.

A Two-way street

“An ideal relationship with a client for me has to be two way. That is to say there’s an expectation from both parties that the other will be approachable, respectful and cooperative. It’s not just a box ticking exercise for us. We want to go in and actually add value for our clients through the audit process. Building a real relationship with the client where they know that we’re going to deliver on time and the whole process is going to be coherent, stress free and beneficial for them.”

Shedding light

“One of the most satisfying aspects of working directly with clients is being able to shed light on things they’re unsure of. It’s a common misconception that auditors are only there to retrieve sufficient information to allows us to conclude on our audit report. That’s not the case at AAB. We try to support our clients in any way possible, if we don’t have the answer the great thing about being part of AAB Group is there’s 1,000+ employees we can ask.”

Everyone working together

“Working in audit, we’re often working towards tight and sometimes conflicting deadlines which means that it can somewhat demanding to get everything over the line. We operate as a close team in audit, so we’re always pitching in and helping our colleagues. What’s amazing is the way everyone comes together to complete audits on time. This applies from audit partner to audit trainee; we rely on each other and have a close-knit team and relationship to be able to work in the most effective way.”

Knowledge sharing culture

“Learning and development is really important at AAB and to me. This works both upstream and downstream. No one can be expected to have an answer for everything. We all have different specialisms and we all benefit from the sharing knowledge culture.

For example, if I spend an hour with a junior member of the team explaining something, that’s an hour well spent as one day they will pass on that knowledge to someone else, and that cycle of sharing knowledge and developing will continue.”

Meeting the needs of our clients

“Our approach to auditing depends on the needs and preferences of our clients. Our team is adaptable, if our clients want us to perform an audit on site, that’s what we will do. By the same token, if they wanted us to conduct an audit remotely, we have the technological capabilities to do so. I love that we’re able to meet the individual needs of our clients.”

Playing my part

“AAB is continuously growing, and this is providing great opportunities for me on a personal level. I want to grow alongside the firm in the future and to be part of the firms strategic plans.”

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