Global Employment Taxes Assistant Manager


Who I help

Large corporates

How I help

Global Employment Tax Compliance.

“I love building strong relationships with my clients”.

Beth Alexander is a Global Employment Taxes Assistant Manager. Based in our Aberdeen office she supports clients by informing them of the employment tax considerations and reporting requirements in overseas countries they are sending employees to. On behalf of her clients, she completes the necessary paperwork and ensures all compliance is taken care of to ensure the process is stress free for the client.

Working with clients to ensure they are compliant does involve multiple moving parts. The initial stages of a project might involve Beth finding out about the requirements needed in other countries. While another day might bring ensuring the client is compliant in their home country. IT’s her responsibility to carry out these checks to provide her clients with peace of mind.

Strong relationships are the key.

“Working across such a diverse range of clients operating in different parts of the world is great. It’s rare that any two days are the same. My favourite way to work with clients is when there’s a relationship that’s based on trust between us. There can be a lot of sensitive information that they’re sending over to us. It’s also really important that we ensure they are complaint when they’re sending employees oversees. Therefore, it’s important that we deliver projects on time, ensure that we’ve completed our due diligence and have made them aware of any and all requirements that they might be responsible for.

I love building strong relationships with my clients on this foundation of trust. Knowing that they trust me enough to reach out when they have a query is a great feeling. Being part of a growing group like AAB means that there’s no shortage of people I can turn to for help and advice. We have so many people with different levels of experience and knowledge so if I don’t have the answer that’s okay because there’s always someone else who does”.

A perfectionist at heart

“I pride myself on aiming to get things as close to perfection as possible. For myself and my clients I want to ensure the work I produce is prepared to the highest standard. That’s the minimum that we should be delivering to clients each and every time. Communication is an underrated tool that we use to ensure this is possible. Having good communication helps us to keep clients up to date on the progress of projects. We’ll always provide regular updates and ensure we have regular touchpoints s the client doesn’t need to chase us or request an update- we’re already that step ahead of them and giving them information before they even need it.”

Knowledge sharing culture

“Teamwork is everything. When I joined the firm as a trainee in 2018 it was the people, I work with that helped me to settle into my role, who provided me with knowledge and helped me to get where I am today. As I’ve progressed, I’ve been able to continue learning but also pass some of my knowledge on to more junior members of the team and learn from them too. At AAB we really place an importance on learning from each other and that is truly invaluable.”

Reaching clients wherever they are

“In the work that we do having the ability to work remotely helps us to work with clients easily around the world. Being able to quickly call them on teams or communicate via email has never been easier. It saves our clients a lot of time and also enables us to easily and quickly solve problems that may arise.

The work we do can be complex and often means understanding regulation in foreign countries. This wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have such a strong network of partner to aid and support us. Establishing those relationships has never been easier than with technology. When we need it, tech is always there to help and strengthen us. However, for me tech is a great addition, but it will never replace the importance of face-to-face interactions. Being around a table or in front of a client will always be my preferred option if its available.”