Audit Assistant Manager


Who I help

Oil & Gas. Food & Drink. Construction & Property.

How I help

Delivering audit & assurance services.

“Challenging the status quo every day”

Benjamin Yeboah is an Audit Assistant Manger based in our Aberdeen office. His role is to deliver, manage and perform a financial statement audit. This involves planning processes, speaking to clients, and agreeing timescales, deadlines and the delivery of the audit. Throughout the execution of the audit Benjamin will support the team and maintain contact with the client throughout.

Dispelling misconceptions

“There’s a misconception about auditors and what we’re actually there to do. We’re not trying to catch businesses out- it’s actually the opposite. We want to help. When we work with clients it’s really important that we have all the information and documents we need so we can understand them better and so we know what their goals are. When we have all the facts, we can conduct an audit that produces relevant insights, highlights problem areas, and gives clients knowledge that will help their businesses to grow and progress. When we can make an impact though our audit is when we consider a job well done.

It’s one of the most satisfying aspects of working with clients for me when I can give back and deliver that through an audit. I pride myself on delivering a smooth and easy audit service that causes minimal disruption for clients. I even had one client tell me that “the audit I performed was the smoothest audit the company had ever had” which was amazing to hear”.

Teamwork gets us over the finishing line

“Collaboration is so important here at AAB as a whole and definitely within Audit. We’re not deliver audits as individuals we’re doing it as a team. So, from start to finish it’s a team effort. It’s one of the most satisfying aspects of my role that I get to work collaborative with my colleagues to achieve a common goal.

As someone who joined the firm as an Audit Advisor it’s great to be able to support and coach junior members of the team to help them develop, expand their knowledge and gain confidence in the whole audit process.”

Finding better ways to get the job done

“I’m a firm believer that just because something has always been done one way that doesn’t mean it’s the only way it can be done. For me, challenging the status quo isn’t just something I do now and again- it’s something I aim to do at work every day, when we challenge what’s been done before and the way in which we deliver services we’re able to find better ways of working, more efficient ways to deliver. There’s no room for growth when we consistently do everything the same way. So, in my opinion challenging the status quo can only be a good thing.”

Technology helps us to access more

“The way in which we work and deliver services has changed drastically over the last few years. I’m a firm believer that there’s a part for both the virtual and hands-on routes to working with clients.

Working virtually has provided us with so much opportunity. It means we’re able to work with and support clients in more locations making our services that much more accessible. It’s made communication easier also- when we have questions or queries or if a client wants to ask anything or urgently speak to us, we’re able to make this happen without much faffing. If a client prefers a virtual audit, we can offer them that. Being able to meet the needs of our clients just helps us in our pursuit of delivering a high-quality service that puts our clients at the heart of everything.

In a similar vein we can just as easily have face-to-face contact. We can conduct on-site visits which are a great way to build strong relationships and communications with our clients. When we’re getting to know them and their business, I can’t think of a better way of doing so than being in their place of business. Seeing the goings on and processes first hand. A mix of virtual and hands-on will always be my preferred approach.”

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