Employment Taxes Senior Manager


Who I help?

I work with a wide range of clients across many different sectors.

How do I help?

I work with clients to review tax and social security implications are both from an employer and employee perspective ensuring all compliance obligations are met.

Sectors/ Support

All Sectors

“We are dynamic, creative and relationship focused”

Becki Diamant is an Employment Taxes Senior Manager working between our UK Employment tax and Global employment taxes team, and is based in our London office. Working with a wide range of clients across multiple sectors, Becki provides employers advice to manage compliance and risk from both a UK and a global perspective.

No two days are the same

“When I tell people I work in tax, I always get the typical statement of ‘you work for HMRC’ or people assume I’m a ‘boring’ accountant sitting behind a computer plugging in numbers. When in reality, our profession is so much more. We are dynamic, creative and relationship focused. My role is so varied and provides me the opportunity to work with a range of clients and individuals all over the globe, no day is the same. There’s nothing boring about it!”

Together we can do so much

“One of values is ‘collaboration is our superpower’, and this perfectly describes working here. AAB encourages working collaboratively both within our firm and with our clients, to ensure that we are truly delivering next level service.

Becki will always strive to develop her knowledge and go the extra mile. By collaborating with our colleagues, our wider global network and the client, she is able to build knowledge and insight she wouldn’t otherwise have access to”.

Passionate about our clients

“I love that I get to work with a diverse and varied range of individuals all from different backgrounds, with a variety of life experience. You can learn so much from people and I embrace the new opportunities and challenges that my role brings.

I’ve worked in organisations where it feels as though you are not valued for you expertise or capabilities, but AAB is different. I like to think I’m quite an inquisitive person, and that works at AAB. By supporting and empowering both our staff and our clients, we can switch the landscape and take a proactive approach.”

Not only one way to get a job done

“AAB is a firm that has a reputation for being disruptive, feisty, and assertive. We truly believe in building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, which means we are willing to ask the necessary questions and challenge the client if we think something isn’t right or if there is a better approach. This differentiates us from other firms and shows the client that although the way we do things might be different, but we are still able to successfully get the job done”.

Essential human element

“I believe that there will always be a need for a hands-on approach to client relationships, whether that be in advisory or compliance capacity. That human element is necessary to truly understand what drives our clients need and to enable us to provide a holistic approach when supporting them, rather than just going through the motions of compliance and delivery”.

Helping hand

“The field in which we operate is incredibly technical and complex which can often be daunting for both employees and employers. We appreciate that the majority of people are not experts in tax, and keeping up with policy adjustments or understand all the complexities of taxation is a never-ending job.

I enjoy being able to apply a practical mindset and view situations from the client’s perspective. I try to break everything down and spend the time explaining the advice we provide, which gives them a chance to really absorb the information and develop a true understanding of why and what we are doing”.

Excited for the future

“This is such an exciting time to be part of AAB. You have the challenges that come with being part of a growing team but also the opportunities that come with it as well. The team has so much ambition to grow alongside the rapidly expanding client offering. It feels like there is real opportunity to make your voice heard, work with other teams and develop your knowledge and skill set. I can’t wait!”

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