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Andrew Freeman is a Senior Manager within our Audit team and the ultimate hybrid worker. Although attached to our Aberdeen office, you’ll mostly find him working from his home in Campbeltown on the Kintyre peninsula. 

Andrew works with many large manufacturing and technology companies and is also a specialist in the E&P space. In a nutshell, he says clients expect him to deliver a high-quality audit service while meeting their expectations in terms of timeframes and cost. And to do that, trust and two-way communication is essential. 


“I want my clients to see me not just as an auditor, but as their trusted adviser. To do that, I need to understand their business comprehensively. Some firms just want me to provide the audit  – and that’s fine. But at the dream end of the scale, I have clients who are very open and transparent about how their business runs. And in return, they want to know what I see happening in the marketplace, how they can deal with changes coming their way. They want my advice and for me to be a part of the journey they’re on. I think clients really get the most value out of our service when there’s that level of collaboration.” 


“In previous jobs I’ve been at the coalface and could see where things could work better – but I was never given the time or the budget to make it happen. I was running on that treadmill so hard I didn’t have time to stop. At AAB we’re in that sweet spot. We’re big enough to be able to offer the full range of services, but we’re not cumbersome. We’ve got a great set of clients. It’s a good-sized team. We can make agile decisions and get senior team support to get things moving. And that’s how it should be.” 


“I have a lot of experience of complex accounting issues – from working with both UK and international clients – and I’m keen to share that with my team. But I also feel a responsibility to help them get the most out of this job. Yes, we need to get the job done. Yes, we’re a business. And everyone should be progressing, being coached, learning new skills all the time. But crucially, not keeling over from doing a 60 hour week as part of the process. We can push ourselves hard to get the job done and to learn, but it should also be exciting and push people’s careers and experiences to new levels. We have to have some fun along the way too.” 


“Audit for me requires a mix of skills. Most days I feel like half finance professional and half Sherlock Holmes! It’s an incredibly challenging role and I don’t think it’s given enough credit. You’ve got to throw yourself into a business and get to know it fast. You need to understand the risks. You’ve got to manage multiple stakeholders. You need to perform and evaluate the conclusions from a set of procedures where there are often no straightforward answers. You’ve got to look at something and then conclude whether it’s an issue or not, and what this means for our clients and the wider market. This calls for a whole suite of skills, including a thick skin and a big dose of agility and resilience.” 

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