Our Culture

As a business we believe we have strong cultural foundations, employing the best people and looking after them, delivering with a ‘can do’ mindset to an ever-expanding client base, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Our Culture Playbook demonstrates all of this, and the content comes from our team direct in the form of the videos on this page.

Our Culture Playbook is more than just a written statement, it's made about our people, by our people, for our people, to showcase exactly who we are.

We asked everyone to consider what AAB means to them, and in order to truly capture the authentic essence of AAB. Teams from across the business worked together to develop, produce and edit each segment within our four key themes to showcase what makes AAB, AAB.

Create and Innovate

We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and innovative at AAB. We continually seeking safer, efficient, cost effective and sustainable business practices to help our clients and teams.

Technology is central to our delivery at AAB, embracing tech and change helps us collaborate, communicate, teach, learn and grow. Our agile and hybrid working policies allow everyone to feel empowered to make the best decisions for their daily needs.

Culture Video

Cloud Platforms

Agile Work

IES Dashboard

Care and Nurture

At AAB we care for and nurture our colleagues, clients and communities through growing our talent, helping them develop, and encouraging each other through our achievements. We also work together to fundraise and support local charities through the Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative.

Taking care of ourselves, one another and our environment means we can deliver an awesome service to our clients. We provide access to resources to support our team's health and wellbeing, in both their work and personal lives.

Words Video

Tik Tok


Mental Health

Career Journey

Fun and Celebrate

At AAB we take socialising very seriously and we look forward to having fun and celebrating at any given opportunity. Take a look at some of our events from over the years, including Best Companies Day celebrations, AAB in the park festivals, AAB breakfast club and our latest all staff event, The AAB CommonHealth Games.

We work hard, so we like to play hard too!

Round up of Celebrations

The AAB Commonhealth Games

AAB in the Park Chat

AABi Volunteering Days

One Team

Wherever we are we, whether its across our four offices or from our homes, we are always working together. Our people qualities include teamwork, involvement, enthusiasm, commitment, expertise and flexibility; elements that are at the core of every team and individual at AAB.

Client Delivery