Grant Round Funding

Fundraising for charities and other worthy causes has always been a key part of life at AAB. Through AABi, we look for applications to our quarterly grant funding programme (information on application criteria and dates can be viewed here) and we are actively committed to supporting local charities across all of our communities which range in size, type, requirement and user groups.

In the short space of time that AABi has been operating, we are so proud of everyone at AAB for raising funds that have had such a positive impact on our communities. From sports kits to medical research, vital medical equipment to residential trips, safety items for the elderly to supporting events; AABi has been able to positively impact the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Find out more about projects we have donated to here.

If you are a charity within the communities we operate in, and are interested in applying for funding or volunteer time, find out more about our funding criteria and application process here.

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