Life at AAB

Across the AAB Group, we recognise that in order to provide our clients with the best service, we need to ensure we are looking after our people and operating with the wider community in mind. Life at AAB is all about the bigger picture, not just the end result.

At AAB we understand the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and know businesses can have a positive social impact in many different ways. We make sure we use our resources and energy to give something back to our communities and work to protect our planet, whilst ensuring our people are working in a happy and safe environment.

CSR and promoting good in society have always been integrated into the foundations of AAB. We prioritise social impact and encourage involvement in initiatives of any scale from every employee at AAB.

Whilst our main focuses include encouraging the protection of the environment and the advancement of education, through the Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative (AABi) we are also able to give a helping hand in a wide variety of projects, reaching many people and groups across the communities we operate in.

We are an ethical, forward-thinking and conscientious Group and we are constantly working to improve our engagement with our communities and stakeholders through aligning our efforts to meet their expectations. Through signing the Scottish Business Pledge we have made the commitment to fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation across the AAB Group, in order to aid in the sustainable and inclusive growth of our Group and Scotland’s economy.

You can find out more about AAB's CSR efforts and what it is like to work at AAB here: