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  1. Webinars & Events

    Charity Breakfast Event

    How do you set up your charity for success? Join us for a free breakfast event where we’ll be discussing how our VFF solution can help your charity. Register for the event here.    

    Date: 23rd May 2023
    Time: 8.00 - 9.30am
    Where: Sagars, Gresham House, 5-7 St Pauls Street, Leeds, LS1 2JG

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  2. Blog15th Feb 2023

    Professionals around a table discussing finance

    Will the new IFRS 17 apply to Company X, a NON-insurance provider?

    Think back to where you were as 2022 became 2023, at the stroke of midnight. It is possible that you felt the ground quiver at that precise moment; that you had an unshakeable feeling of a seismic change kicking into…

    By Lauren McIlroy

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  3. Blog21st Nov 2022

    How to organise your finance function 

    Your finance function is the eyes and ears of your business. It gives you insight where you need and reports on your past and predicts your future. A finance team needs to have the right people in the right seats.…

    By Lauren McIlroy

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  4. Blog18th Jan 2022

    Tech-enabled finance and HR solutions in demand in the Energy Sector

    For many, the COVID pandemic has been a catalyst to press re-set on everything from our social values to health, well-being and sustainability. It has given us the opportunity to assess and evaluate our personal lives. It has been no…

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  5. Blog1st Dec 2021

    Are you considering a hybrid workforce and what does that mean for your finance function?

    The pandemic has ushered in a new model of working, with many businesses considering adopting more flexibility in the longer term. With a longer-term shift to hybrid working seemingly on the cards, having the right foundations for productive team working…

    By Lauren McIlroy

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  6. Blog1st Jul 2021

    Location is no longer a barrier for your finance function

    There is a big push to ‘shop local’ to help reduce the carbon footprint of our food and drink products from field to plate. 

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  7. Blog7th Apr 2021

    Can your charity adapt overnight?

    Many businesses have had to think on their feet in the past year as a result of COVID-19, but none more so than those in the charitable sector. The pandemic has provided new challenges, not only in providing core services…

    By Lauren McIlroy

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  8. Blog29th Mar 2021

    Does your technology fit like a good pair of shoes?

    We are in the process of setting our budgets for this year and my mind instantly flipped back to this time last year. No–one could have foreseen the year that was about to descend upon us. The three-week lockdown from 23rd March 2020…

    By Lauren McIlroy

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  9. Blog10th Dec 2020

    2020 Year in Review – Food & Drink Sector

    When entering 2020 we were fully expecting the year to largely be focussed on two topics: sustainability and growth funding. To a large extent, both topics have still been highly prevalent, albeit funding often being required to strengthen cash flows…

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  10. Blog1st Dec 2020

    Do you value your time?

    As we near the end of 2020, a year full of new challenges and change, there are a number of learnings we can reflect on, and questions we will ponder as we enter 2021.  

    By Lauren McIlroy

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  11. Blog25th Aug 2020

    Technology – Not just for international clients

    As lockdown starts to ease allowing national and international travel to slowly increase, and employers start finalising their plans to open office doors again, there are lots of unknowns around what the ‘norm’ will be for businesses going forward. Will…

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  12. Blog6th Aug 2020

    Energy Finance Technology: Adopting new ways of working that challenge the old

    The Energy sector today is a constantly changing, evolving and complex landscape. It is continuously seeking to find an equilibrium in the turbulence of supply and demand, fossil fuels and renewables, and survival and growth.  All of which is underpinned by fierce competition for investment.  

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