Going Above And Beyond Together.

We are AAB, a leading professional services firm across the UK, Ireland, and USA serving the mid-market. We think beyond and strive to be your first port of call in all your business decisions. Our goal is to be your most trusted business advisor.

But we weren’t always just AAB. Our business today has grown through uniting with other professional services firms across the UK, Ireland, and USA. Some of our regions have delivered unparalleled services for our clients for more than 100 years. So, whilst AAB started life in 1990 as Anderson Anderson & Brown, providing accountancy services to the North East of Scotland, our team today blends together a wealth of expertise built through bringing multiple long-established businesses across the UK, Ireland and USA together as one powerhouse of professional services expertise.

Whilst the locations of our teams, business heritage and range of services has evolved over the years, what we do for our clients hasn’t changed: delivering a personalised service, expert guidance, and long-lasting partnerships that help you thrive.

At AAB, we offer a comprehensive range of services including audit, business advisory, tax, corporate finance, payroll, people consultancy and wealth management, supporting clients no matter where in the world they are located.  Now with over 1,000 team members, any AAB client has access to an unrivalled suite of business and professional services delivered by individual experts.

This means we can provide a tailored blend of support for you that dynamically adjusts to the changing needs of business and personal lives.

Our approach is simple: we listen, we understand, and we act.

AABsolutely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re a large corporation, SME, or individual, we ensure that every aspect of your journey is managed with diligence and care. By collaborating with you, we help you to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve your goals, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future.

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How we help


For owner-managed businesses, UK entities, international businesses, public sector or not-for-profit organisations, we can empower you with bespoke audit services that give clear insights into your risks and opportunities, with recommendations to enhance performance.


For businesses seeking to grow and overcome challenges, we can offer multidisciplinary expertise to develop strategies for improvement covering compliance and tax. Our Business Advisory team also advise and implement the best financial systems for your business to help you operate more efficiently.


Whether you’re a start-up or a multinational, we can support your journey no matter the stage you are at. Our award-winning Corporate Finance team are top deal makers and support businesses across all sectors with sale, acquisition, fundraising or due diligence.


If you’re a start-up, entrepreneur, SME, privately owned or listed business, or a multinational, we can balance tax efficiency, transparency, and compliance supporting businesses across all sectors. We also have specialists who support businesses with R&D Tax Credits, VAT, Customs Duty and Tax Investigations.


If you’re a UK entity, multinational, SME, privately owned or listed business, or part of the public or social sector, we can streamline your payroll and employment tax processes with tailored support and advanced technology. Our team support businesses in more than 140 countries with overseas employment taxes and global mobility.


If you’re an individual seeking to secure and enhance your wealth, we can provide comprehensive tax planning and strategies to optimise your financial position. Our team provide tailored support based on individual circumstances supporting clients with international taxes, tax residence and domicile, trust planning and family investment companies.


If you are part of a large international group, listed entity, SME, public or social sector organisation,  we can elevate your financial control and visibility while minimising costs through our virtual finance functions.


Whether you’re a growing company, SME or multinational organisation, we can deliver a full suite of people services ranging from HR, health & safety, learning & development, organisational development and whistleblowing making your people your greatest asset and driving force.


If you’re someone with life goals and financial aspirations, we can craft and support a personalised financial strategy to help you realise your ambitions.

Whatever your situation, our expert teams are ready to partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

Everyone has the AABility to succeed

We attract, retain, and develop the best people in the right roles. Working together as one client centric team, our people are empowered to collaborate and build deeper relationships with clients who value what we do, so we can understand your needs.

How do we do this? By asking insightful questions, actively listening, and identifying what we can do to support you.

By getting to know you inside out, we can pre-empt issues you may not have considered, and then connect you with our specialists to get the help you need.

Such as:

  • How can technology help my business grow further?
  • What are the tax implications if my business goes international?
  • What impact will growth have on other functions in my business, such as payroll or employment?
  • Should I consider property as part of my wealth portfolio?

Our commitment is ongoing. Through regular check-ins, in-person meetings, or a simple phone call, we stay aligned with your evolving goals. Leveraging our cross-sector expertise, we’re here to alleviate your workload and provide fresh perspectives where needed.

We know your business and personal goals will change over time. There are insights we can offer from our cross-sector expertise and depth of experience supporting clients across the UK, Ireland and internationally.

At AAB, we partner with you, offering challenge and foresight, while nurturing your growth.