“AAB was first brought to my attention by an Oil & Gas Industry friend who was pleased with their management of the sale of his business in Aberdeen. My management team was planning the sale of our own subsea hardware business in Surrey at the time and were impressed with my friend’s experience with AAB.

One reason for our choosing AAB was that they had a highly credible track record in our business niche. We liked their proposed lead personnel who stayed on our case throughout the whole two-year process and we valued AAB’s commercial flexibility.

Perhaps the single most significant testimonial that can be given is that our business eventually sold for around twice our initial target to a company suggested by AAB that was not on our own original bidders list. The process itself was calmly guided by the AAB team to this outstanding conclusion through a number of unforeseeable external events that could potentially have been very destabilising. The process took considerably longer than first anticipated as a result but at no stage did my management team detect any slackening of AAB’s constant support and guidance. On reflection, we would happily use AAB again in similar circumstances.”

Peter M Roberts, VerdErg Connectors