Cost savings for UK energy company on tax compliance

Case Study25th Jun 2021


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Our Client 

A UK energy company requiring tax compliance advice for their global workforce under a modified arrangement including a compliant approach to payroll.  

Our Approach 

  • Improve the tax reporting through a proactive approach 
  • Gave the client peace of mind through a dedicated client service team 
  • Support the client by providing a bespoke delivery 
  • Detailed implementation project plan and tax compliance timeline  

The Outcome 

  • Cost savings in the restructure of the Global Tax Policy 
  • One dedicated point of contact for the client and their employees, establishing a great working relationship with regular face to face meetings 
  • Full global workforce tracking systems implemented for compliance  
  • A new and consistent approach to reporting 
  • Inherited payroll and tax challenges were resolved for the client 
  • Full briefings provided to client employees

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