Wednesday, 06 November 2019 09:20

They say variety is the spice of life and my career at AAB has certainly been varied!

They say variety is the spice of life and my career at AAB has certainly been varied!

As an RGU Accounting and Finance student I was lucky enough to have a placement year and AAB was my first choice. I thoroughly enjoyed my year working in the audit team, with the varied client base at AAB ensuring that no week was ever the same. I was always learning and meeting new people, something that was to become one of my favourite things about working at AAB – and still is.

Securing a graduate position meant that I could focus on my final year at university without the worry of “what next” after graduating.  4th year flew past and soon I was back to AAB working on accounting jobs whilst also spending time with the indirect taxes team. This was all fantastic experience, which gave me exposure to clients and was hugely beneficial to my ICAS studies.

ICAS... that was tough! However I got there with the support of the entire team at AAB. From partner to trainee everyone was happy to offer advice, support, tissues (I wasn’t lying when I said it was tough!!).

By the time I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2008, I had settled within the corporate tax department, responsible for a large client allocation and undertaking compliance and advisory work. I loved working within the tax team, built fantastic relationships with my clients and enjoyed being their trusted advisor for all tax matters.

However, in 2015 a position opened in the HR team to take responsibility for Learning and Development at AAB. Although I had little HR experience, I knew this role would be ideal for me and has allowed me to see, and progress my career in, another side of the business where, as always at AAB, no day is the same! My experience within the technical teams allows me to relate to their challenges and having been through professional studies I can support our students who are currently on that same journey.

Our 'Awesome Client Service' is just as important to me now as it ever was, the only difference is that my clients are now internal and span across our entire business.

By Laura Campbell, Senior Manager Human Resources